We're Hiring: UI Designer/Front End Developer Position

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Update: Thank you to all the applicants and submissions, please note that this position is now filled.

We're looking for a UI Designer/front end developer to join our team at our office in Exeter, UK. The ideal candidate will be multi skilled with experience working with HTML/CSS/JS for both websites and desktop applications.

Your primary short term role will be to help design and shape our new desktop application "Vortex" which is replacing the Nexus Mod Manager. This application uses Electron, so the front end is rendered in HTML/CSS/JS.

In the long term, you'll be the major creative driving force behind the UX and UI of both Vortex and the Nexus Mods website, shaping how both the site and application look for millions of users.

The Role

You'll be joining our established development teams for both the Nexus Mods website and Vortex.

Nexus websites - which currently consists of 5 programmers whose primary responsibility is the Nexus Mods website and everything around it. The stack consists of a mixture of technologies - Linux, Apache, NginX, PHP, MySQL, APC, Redis, Ruby, Rails, Bash, Git, Puppet, Vagrant, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML and everything in between. Your role will be to design the UX/UI for current and new features on our website and create imagery for use throughout the site.

Vortex - which currently consists of 3 programmers who are working on producing an open source desktop application to replace Nexus Mod Manager. The stack for Vortex is currently: Javascript, Typescript, C#, C++, HTML, Node, Electron, React, Redux and Bootstrap. Your role will be to design the UX/UI and layouts for this application and work with the other developers closely on new features.

We work as closely as possible to an agile project management scheme and every team member's input is highly valued - we're looking for people who can constructively discuss and present new ideas in our meetings.

Ultimately, we're looking for people who are keen to learn and flexible in their approach with a strong background in website and/or UI design.

Your Background

  • You'll need production experience with HTML/CSS/JS and be comfortable with all related technologies such as the related frameworks for each.
  • Experience of using these technologies to deliver a desktop product would be an advantage, but not essential - a portfolio of web only design/UI would be acceptable.
  • Knowledge of gaming and modding would be very beneficial.


  • Working as part of the Vortex team and taking the lead role in the UI and UX.
  • Working with our web team to design new features and functionality for the Nexus Mods website.
  • Occasionally helping out the community team with imagery for site content.
  • Participating in team meetings, keeping track of your workflow using project management tools.
  • Working with everyone at Nexus Mods to shape the future of our platform.

Requirements and Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript & Javascript Frameworks
  • Strong graphic skills (Photoshop, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills both verbally and written (English)
  • Right to work in the UK

Bonus Skills

  • Node.JS
  • Electron
  • React
  • Ruby / Rails / PHP
  • Experience with code testing
  • An understanding of games modding and knowledge of Nexus Mods
  • A sense of humour
  • A love of computer games

Other Information

  • We will offer a competitive market-rate salary dependent on your level.
  • We will provide high spec hardware for you to work from in the office.
  • For the right candidates, we may be able to assist with relocation expenses and logistics.
  • Fridays are Chocolate Fridays in the office. Get hyped.
  • You'll want to hone your skills in "Golf with Your Friends" before joining us.

To Apply

In order to apply, please send an email to [email protected] with your CV and why you'd be suitable for this role.


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  1. Dark0ne
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    Closing this comment thread now as we've filled the position and we're busy at work on Vortex
  2. xybolt
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    Well, it is too late to change the current used technologies anyways, but that you have chosen to use Electron as a desktop platform may be more efficient from budget's perspective. Still were you guys really aware of the decision made? Electron ships with a chrome VM. So for each electron app that you have on a desktop, you have installed chrome's engine too, despite the fact that you have already a chrome browser. It's not a secret that chrome eats up your resources (especially when managing memory). I certainly don't want this on my PC.

    I wished that you have considered to stay at C# like the old NMM (even if that software program is not designed correctly). I have also seen the requirements. Especially the "bonus skills" section. The management has to consider if they're not picking too many technologies. Really, for server side only: Node.js + Rails + PHP. Or is node.js used for some client site tooling? I would really say "Really?" if that's the situation.
    1. Canderis
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      Electron apps rely heavily on Node in my experience.
    2. Tannin42
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      Node.js is a component of electron so there is no electron application without node.

      For the client technology we've considered many different technologies, not just electron and c#. Electron ended up to be the best trade-off for what we wanted to achieve. We of course considered staying with c# but decided against it, it was not a decision made on a whim.

      I don't quite get your argument about: "Why use a the chrome vm when you could use the .net vm bundled with Windows?".
      With that very same logic you'd have to ask "Why use chrome when you could use internet explorer bundled with Windows?".

      The answer is the same for both questions: Because it's better and worth a couple mb of download.
      Well, actually, I'm not going to claim electron is superior to .net in general, but for a UI heavy application at this time it is, in my opinion.
    3. strike667
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      What's so wrong about using modern technologies? All the ones listed for Vortex specifically are very active and quickly becoming a standard.
    4. pacfish
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      Would the Nexus sponsor citizenship and pay to move the candidate?

      Edit: this was meant to be a reply to the telecommute question asked by a CS major in Germany. Not sure why it posted it on this reply.
    5. Kadaja
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      Guess the team, and new guy they hired can figure that out and you can go start your own application for something?
    6. dragonjet
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      electron is pretty much being used by many apps you probably didn't know they did

      slack, atom, visual studio code, twitch, discord

      now you're saying yo won't let another chrome get installed in your system
    7. KitaKonqata
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      UI heavy application ? Are we still talking about a mod manager ?
      No offense, but I'm surprised that a mod manager is considered as UI heavy.

    8. Deathclawhunt3r307r
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      Love the new look :)
    9. MysteriousGuy
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      What new look?
    10. extremeGEgaming
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      You can have the best of both worlds, C# and nodejs, take a look at edgejs. Also why not make a github for vortex, that way everyone could contribute.
  3. tajetaje
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    Y'all have been oddly silent recently, anything much going on (hint hint: Vortex); or is it just us fans being hopeful?
    1. Ethreon
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      Aside for that lengthy announcement and beta release of the new website.. ?
    2. tajetaje
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      Ah, hadn't seen that actually. I was more referring to no more mods of the week.
  4. avahzd
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    Been waiting on this sale! Oh and BTW they have Morrowwind on sale also (looking to Skywind...) and if you are into it, CIV IV is also DMR free and can work on Windows 10 (per the system requirements). I had to chuck my old CIV IV cause I could not get past the Disc DMR set up (windows 10 does not support the type of DMR that was used back then)... On the bright side they will refund me my purchase price if it will not work...
  5. Xandertheblue
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    In response to post #54380538.


    Aside for that lengthy announcement and beta release of the new website.. ?

    No announcements show on this site since August. Where are the things you are referring to posted?
    1. doxmazz
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      Here you go: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/6038813-nexus-mods-redesign-link-inside/
  6. Thandal
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    UI heavy application ? Are we still talking about a mod manager ?
    No offense, but I'm surprised that a mod manager is considered as UI heavy.

    When it has to be able to support as many different games, and game engines, and ways of installing and using mods within those games as the Vortex will, then... yes, it becomes very  UI heavy. 
    1. Ethreon
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      I don't think many understand how many games Vortex must be able to support.
  7. nurmi90
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    Been having this issue for years already, someone please, I dont even have permission to go to my own account.
  8. Prophien
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    if there only would be a Hotkey mod SKSE64 for skyrimSE, we all would be happy enought
    1. TheInquizitor
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      No, I definitely need an MO-type program for SE.
  9. jaydawg55
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    Congratulations on finding your UI design team member! Looking forward to seeing Vortex soon. Keep up the good work.
  10. Thandal
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    "cv" = curriculum vitae (Latin: "course of life"). 
    cur·ric·u·lum vi·tae
    kəˌrik(y)ələm ˈvēˌtī/
    noun: curriculum vitae; plural noun: curricula vitae; plural noun: curricula vitarum; noun: CV; plural noun: CVs

        a brief account of a person's education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.
    noun: résumé; plural noun: résumés
        North American
        a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.
        synonyms:   curriculum vitae, CV
        "give your résumé to the HR department"
        a summary.
        "I gave him a quick résumé of events"
        synonyms:   summary, précis, synopsis, abstract, outline, summarization, summation, epitome; More
    So yeah, a "resume".  
    1. cerebii
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      CV is the term we use in the UK, where Nexusmods is based.