Fallen Enchantress

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Expands the items you can buy in the shop

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My attempt at filling in the shop for a lot more items.

Extract files into My Documents/My Games/Legendary Heroes/Mods

Items of V0.35:
Assassin (Only job is to kill enemy single target (non-grouped) humans) -> Palace
Research Contract (Grants 100 Research points for 500 Gold) -> University

Items as of V0.3:
Medic (non-champion) -> Fortress [Regen + Heal]
Bard (non-champion) -> Inn [XP + Unrest]

items as of V0.2:
Mana Potion -> Apothecary
Fire Resistance Potion -> Adventurers Guild
Scroll of Recall -> Palace
Dog -> Merchant
Bottled Fire-> Black market
Banshee Scroll -> Monument

items as of V0.1:
Healing Scroll -> Cleric (ability to heal your other troops)
Mercenary Scroll -> Town hall (Summons a band of Mercenaries)
Studded Collar -> Barracks
Beast Hunter Scroll -> Barracks
Call Lightning Scroll -> Library
Call Cloud Walk Scroll -> University
More to come when i get a chance to think of new stuff. Feel free to post suggestions and feedback