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Stormworld is a high fantasy content pack produced by Heavenfall (aka Snowthunder) with the aid of Eviliron and jshores. It contains 13 new fantasy factions, 35 new champions, 99 new magical artifacts, new river types, events and more.

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Stormworld is a high fantasy content expansion pack created by Heavenfall (aka Snowthunder) with assistance from Eviliron and jshores. In this pack you'll find such things as elves, greenskin, undead, talking helmets, magma rivers and old myths come to life.

Installation instructions can be found on the Stormworld wiki.

Mod forum thread and front page: http://forums.elementalgame.com/421802

Mod wiki: http://stormworld.wikidot.com/

Content as of 1.5r:
13 new factions (Stormworld_ExpandedFactions)
35 new champions (Stormworld_ExpandedFactions_Champions)
118 new magical artifacts (Stormworld_Reliquary)
20 new events (Stormworld_Reliquary)
4 new types of rivers (Stormworld_Rivermod)
6 new quests (Stormworld_Quests built with Murteas' Quest Wizard)
18 new monsters and their lairs (Stormworld_Quest)
5 new types of Recruitable monsters (Stormworld_Quest)