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This mod improves AI and makes some aspects of the game more comfortable to play.

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Last update to v.1.6. April 01 2014


This mod improves AI and makes some aspects of the game more comfortable to play.

Compatibility: v.1.5 and 1-4 DLS's. Compatible with Parrottmath's mods and others which doesn't change units and abilities.

To install the mod, first backup your English folder, then copy the downloaded files into it. If you don't have DLC's, delete appropriate DLC files.

This folder is here: /steam/steamapps/common/FE Legendary Heroes/data/English

Do not put files to: /Documents/My Games/FE Legendary Heroes/Mods

There were lots of features that were not be possible to be done like regular mods, so I decided to put everything into one folder (English). It’s better than have to copy files to both folders (English and Mods)

1.Fixed unusable unit designs forgotten in v.1.5. (forgotten shields with one-handed weapons
2.Fixed vanilla Scrap Golem having no weapon.
3.Fixed problems of 1.5 patch with Wilding Hermit and Darkling shaman unable to summon lesser units.
4.Fixed issue resulted in lightning attack of Lightning Longbow was not calculated as ranged attack.
AI improvements
1.AI trains more units;
2.AI equips his units better;
3.AI trains more elite and mounted troops;
4.AI builds more fortresses to produce better troops;
5.AI more often enchants his cities with unit enchanting spells;
6.AI pays more attention to increase production rates in his cities;
7.AI pays more attention to develop combat traits of his heroes;
8.AI politics is more aggressive than in original;
9.AI hunts for monsters and quests more often;
10.Default AI races are more combat oriented;
11.Traits that AI doesn’t use properly are changed or disabled;
12.More units are available to AI to suit in every gameplay condition. Every of 11 races has:
1 additional type of pioneers
2 additional types of scouts (1 of them is mounted);
2 additional types of clubsmen;
2 additional types of spearmen;
2 additional types of defenders;
2 additional types of light warriors;
2 additional types of medium warriors (1 of them is mounted);
2 additional types of heavy warriors (all mounted versions);
2 additional types of medium magic warriors (all mounted versions);
2 additional types of heavy magic warriors (all mounted versions);
2 additional types of horsemen (all mounted versions);
5 additional types of archers (including mounted versions);
5 additional types of crossbowmen (including mounted versions);
5 additional types of mages (including mounted versions);
3-5 (depending on race) additional types of zealots (including mounted versions).
13. Also:
9 additional types of henchmen for Altarians;
3 additional types of golems for Ironneers;
3 additional types of juggernauts for Trogs;
1 additional type of each spider for the trait “Cult of hundred eyes”.
1.Good starting locations every new game. No need for Ctrl+N;
2.Monetary economic model. All units require gold to train. All buildings require gold to build.
3.If you train a unit, the number of its soldiers is subtracted from city’s population. (Thanks to Parrottmath!)
4.Intensive combat. (Units gain more dodge, critical chances and some happy/unhappy battle events);
5.More types of weapons and armors for unit design;
6.Added traits to unit design: alchemist, guard and road building for every race;
7.More chances to find armor and weapons in loot;
8.Lower prices in shops. No need to rely on loot equipment for heroes;
9.Added 24 premium heroes of 15 level;
10.Added 18 Undead heroes;
11.Garrison units reduce unrest and gain 1 experience per turn;
12.Every trained unit requires gold and population to be trained;
13.Every building requires gold to be built.
14.Each weapon has its special strike.
15.Each race has its unique set of weapons.
16.Added unique city defenders. Some mages defend conclaves, some knights defend fortresses, some crossbowmen defend towns. Common defenders such as city militia and city archers remain too.
17.Added medium fire and ice staffs. Earlier mages had to wait too long to get good staffs, so these medium staffs were added.
18.Rebalanced quendar slaves to act more like cannon fodder rather than unlucky losers.
19.At the start of the game all items that are available for training units are also available in the shop.
20.Unrest doesn't increase with the number of cities. It increases while the city grows in levels. This is vital for gameplay on huge maps.
21.Heroes don't divide experience.
22.Enchanter specialty gives a full set of 3 lightning staffs with increasing lightning attack and they replace fire staffs. AI prefers to use lightning staffs over fire staffs if he has opportunity.
23.Hero traits that are of low or even negative use for AI are changed or disabled.
24.Thrown weapons now deal amount of damage equal to the number of soldiers in the group (Thanks to Parrottmath!)
25.Staff class of weapons is expanded. Earlier there were just a staff and monk's staff with no possibility to upgrade. Now this possibility exists up to Arcane weapons.
26.Added new class of troops - zealots. They fight with melee staffs.
27.Added new racial trait "Monk Robes" (costs 0 to choose like Masterwork Chain) which replaces Leather armor with a set of robes. If you wish your light troops look like mages, or you prefer Dodge over Defence, this option is for you.
28.Added hardened leather cuirass, light chainmail and some trait-specific weapons available to unit design. Now you have richer choice while designing your units. Perfect crossbow is rebalanced and added to Arcane weapons and thus available for unit design.
29.I tried to make AI enchant his cities with more unit spells, such as Heart of Fire, Aura of Might. I set better priorities for these spells but still the best priority is with Enchanted Hammers spell. Then goes Heart of fire, Inspiration and the rest combat and city spells.
30.3 level city adds 1 essense. I hope this helps AI to enchant his cities with more unit spells.
31.Units have 5 perk slots instead of 4.
32.Quest for Arctic wolf cloak is replaced for IceWarg Cloak quest. Player has to fight wargs instead of wolfs, and gains IceWarg Cloak. In this world Arctic wolf cloaks are available in shops from the beginning of the game, so there was somehow rather useless to fight wolves in order to get an item of low interest.
33.Added new racial trait “Guile”, which gives additional perk slot for training units.
34.Added new racial trait “Manufacturer”, which gives additional production per material.
35.“Wholesale Purchase” spell is added. In case player has excessive gold and doesn't need it, then for 1200 gildars it's possible buy 120 metals, 60 crystals, 10 horses and 10 wargs. Usage of this operation increases Fame by +10. This spell is unlocked by Economics technology.
36.New tech City Enchantment was added. It unlocks Scrying pool, Guardian Statue and spells: Heart of Fire, Aura of Might, Aura of Grace, Aura of Vitality. Unlocking these spells allows to cast these spells early, not depending on types of recruited heroes and chosen magic schools. This thech was made especially for AI.
37.New tech was added Advanced Warfare. It gives some bonuses that earlier belonged to War Colleges tech. At the same time War Colleges give some expensive books to upgrade heroes. This was done also in case if a player has excessive gold. There will never be too much gold, be sure.
38.Updated economic model. Now player has to pay for every equipment and even traits of his trained units. Skilled and highly armed and armored troops should be more expensive. Tested how AI survives in new circumstances. AI is just brilliant!!!
39.Added an option to choose Rusty Armor to replace common chainmail. By default Undead race wears rusty armor. This armor is available to unit design like Light Plate armor and has the same parameters, but looks great on undead.
40.Added Gladiator armor to unit design. Player can choose it to replace Raider's chainmail. By default Tarthians have gladiator's armor. It's even written in its description, that Tarths wear gladiator's armor with pride.
41.If you have DLC 02 installed, then while choosing Assasins tools you gain another design of leather armor. It looks like assasin's armor but has paramenters of common leather armor. So, welcome Urxens-ninjas.
42.Catapults are much stronger now. Deadly machines.
43.AI has higher value for the following priorities: upgrade heroes to Commander path and teach Leadership and Tactics, build more fortresses and enchant cities with spells that give combat bonuses to units. AI builds less conclaves and rarely builds towns.