Fallen Enchantress

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This mod adds 242 new items: accessories, consumables, weapons and armor pieces. Also includes new item related spells.

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Black Market Bazaar for Legendary Heroes Version 2.1 compatible with LH 2.0

242 new items to add to your Legendary Heroes games. Also includes 76 new item related spells.

19 new clothes to equip your custom sovereigns.

Installation (please read carefully):

Extract the contents of the .rar file and place each folder as follows:

- "Black Market Bazaar" folder ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods

- "Black Market Bazaar Icons" folder ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods/Gfx

- "BMB.str" file ---> My Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods/Data

Don't forget to "enable mods" and start a new game.

To uninstall, simply delete the two folders.

ALSO: If you do not have the DLC05 (Leader Pack DLC) installed, then you will need to delete the "BMB_Items_DLC05.xml" file found in the "Black Market Bazaar" folder. No biggie if you don't but be warned that the 4 "Treasure Finder" items won't have any effects in your games.


The full list of items with their stats can be found in the image section. The color codes of this psychedelic nightmare are as follow: gray for common, yellow for uncommon and orange for rare.

Black Market Bazaar should be compatible with most mods. You will have to use the "mods compatible version" however if you wish to use it along with mods which add new unit models types and/or unitstats (see below).

Optional files:

- Black Market Bazaar compatible with Additional Faction Traits and Races, Between Life & Death, Blood and Mana, Children of Storm, Demons & Wizards, Female Henchman, Path of the Paladin & XtraDeconstruct. Install this version if you wish to use BMB with these mods.

That's it for now, I'll be back if I have anything else to add (one can be quite forgetful). Enjoy.


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