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The modification replaces the textures for the better quality Optional redesign speed animations + changes sounds monsters and weapons !!! install and see the difference;)

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Tried to balance the texture - to make them look more realistic and still fit the mood of the game ...As for the monsters, heroes, items and so got tones exclusively on sharpness ...

list and description of the modification

Texture pack 2v0 for LH
Mod improves the quality of nearly all the textures in the game!
1 Improved markers hexes
2 Improved and in many cases replaced terrain textures
3 Improved texture heroes, characters and monsters
4 Improved texture weapons, clothes and armor
5 Improved texture trees and bushes
6 Improved texture of some special effects
7 Improved texture of some objects and buildings
8.Improved texture defensive mode
!!!The modification [texture] in the [terrain] I added an optional extra texture.
[fallen_ground_roughOPTIONAL] and [light_grass_roughOPTIONAL] to activate them simply pass part of the string [OPTIONAL] Please note that this operation will change my default texture applied to the selected area ...!!!
This makes the game takes on a new "flavor"
Climate who introduced my amendment is to make the game world seem more murky. Textures have been more suited to the type of terrain (now are more realistic) I used a large part of the textures terrain he had prepared before the games [SKYRIM] and [Heroes VI]

Improve sounds weapons and monsters for LH 2v0
1 change one music for battles
2 change a few sounds for the four monsters
3 change tens of sounds for different types of weapons

Better ANIMATIONS and autuDef for LH 2v0
The modification improves the quality of the animation, the characters and all the monsters. In addition has been added to [automatic defense] for our army which currently can take advantage of it, when you press the [pass]. The modification also slightly raises the amount of [gildars] at the beginning of the game and gives you possibility wear since the start of the game five artifacts ... (was nominally 4). You probably need to start a new game to the mod to function properly ...

Icons & cursors & markersFor LH 2V1 (2 oprions)
Better suited Icons - Cursors - markers ... (see screenshots - at the end of the gallery)
option 2 hawe screenshot in paint...

paste a whole to the [Legendary Heroes] in my documents

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Have fun;)
Regards Mark;)