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This adds a lot of new gameplay tips to the loading screen which will help both new and occasionally veteran players.

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This mod adds a lot of gameplay tips to the loading screens. The tips are all about how to play the game, not about strategy or lore. Most of the tips are geared towards new players, but veteran players may learn a few things they didn't know as well (such as the undocumented Tab shortcut key). A couple of the tips actually deal with what to do when encountering certain bugs.

It's a complex game, and the documentation provided doesn't help too much. This mod aims to alleviate that a bit.

Suggestions for new tips or corrections to existing ones are welcome.

Just extract LoadingTips.zip into your ..\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\LegendaryHeroes\Mods folder, and make sure Mods are enabled in Options. Please note that while loading any games saved prior to the installation of this mod, you will not see the new tips (it's weird; I know).

Also works for Fallen Enchantress vanilla, but the folder name is different.


Version 1.1

Added some new tips. Improved some existing tips. Added the default tips that come with the game since apparently installing this mod blocks them from loading from CoreFlavorText.xml.