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Allows the training and taming of certain dragons

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The Dance with Dragons tech is great, it allows you access to dragons providing you have the resources.

This ability will allow you to focus your faction around Dragons. You can get Pack Drakes with the mounted warfare technology. With Cooperation, you gain access to Drakes, and with Weaponsmithing you gain access to Slags. With the Alliances tech you can start to train Storm/Fell Dragon hatchlings, which start MUCH weaker than other dragons of that kind but grow more powerful as they level up.

With the "Dance with Dragons" tech you will be able to build a Temple of the Dragon, which will occasionally produce a Ashwake Dragon Hatchling (Max of 1 at a time) which follows the same rules as the Storm and Fell dragons, but is more powerful. This tech also unlocks Dragon mounts in the shop, so you can outfit your champions.

Extract the archive to LegendaryHeroes/Mods

Delete the folder DragonTamers from Mods/Data