Fallen Enchantress

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Adds a new ability that allows you to train Shrills, use them as mounts, and a spell to tame enemy shrills.

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This mod adds an ability selected at faction creation that allows you to train Shrills and Shrill Lords with the Arcane Mastery and Book of Mastery techs respectively.

When a specific shrill is unlocked as trainable, it can also be given as a mount in Unit design. The exception to this is the Shrill Lord, who will appear in shops in your faction to buy, and can then be given to a champion or your sovereign.

Champions from factions that have the Shrillmaster ability gain the spell "Tame Shrill" which allow you to convert a shrill to your army much like you would do with the Beast Lord ability. This only works on Shrills.

Extract the archive to LegendaryHeroes/Mods

Delete the folder Shrillmaster from Mods/Data

Heavenfall for helping me to get the spell to work.