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Adds a new ability in the faction editor that allows you to train Juggernauts and Iron Golems

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In Legendary Heroes, one of my favorite units is the Juggernaut, but I hate playing as the Trogs because I find them ugly. So I rectified this issue.

I also liked the Iron Golems, but felt that they were somewhat underpowered. Now there is a seperate ability to train Iron Golems, and the golems that you gain from this ability have Overpower.

In the faction editor, you can now select the ability "Train Juggernauts" which will allow you to train Juggernauts upon acquisition of the Weaponsmithing technology. "Build Iron Golems" unlocks Iron Golems upon the acquisition of the Blacksmithing technology.

The Juggernauts and Golems in this mod also have the ability Overpower, which multiplies their damage by the amount of enemies in a group. This is to justify the faction point but I may upload a version without if anyone asks for it.

They can be designed as well :D

If you want to add this ability to a CoS faction, open the raceconfig file for that faction, and add




Change Log:
1.1: Now added an ability for Iron Golems as well, you can even have both!

Just extract the archive to Documents/My Games/LegendaryHeroes/Mods

Go to your mods data folder, and delete the folder SpecialUnits

Dhuran for helping me to make it work XD