Fallen Enchantress
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This allows you to choose larger maps for the random generator.

Permissions and credits
The sector size for standard Large maps is (8x6)

The two map types added are:

Huge (12x9 sectors, regular square continents)
Huge and Irregular (12x9 sectors w/ 55% water coverage, irregularly shaped continents)

One file included modifies the way cities can be placed on "Tiny" maps (necessary for the placement on huge maps). If you choose to install it, cities on Tiny and Huge maps can only be placed withing 8 tiles of each other. This prevents city spamming, but if you enjoy playing on Tiny maps with default placement you will have to change the value or remove the mod file prior to doing so.

Many thanks to:
Matopicus -- 55% water suggestion on the Irregular maps
Ragnin -- Helping me out with the City placement restrictions
Heavenfall -- For the tip on how to include modded ElementalDefs.xml