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Instead of describing the mod here, let me tell you of its master. I am building a hell for hardcore gamers. Do not understand the nature of our relationship. I am the tormentor, the deceiver, the bringer of light that fell to darkness, the usurper, the impaler of noobs on splintered wood, the king of pain, the ruler of misery, the author of your

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To give sum to this realm which I have created is simple: Some day this pain will be of use to you; either to conquer or die. When I read the description for Fallen Enchantress, I imagined Pandemonium. I believed too much in a realm of chaos and desolation. A realm where the monsters have lease and ancient demons rule. The realm that was finished is quite simply too soft for my tastes. My thirst for strife is impossible to satisfy. I want, nay need, the realm to devour humanity. This can't be accomplished in the realm of the Fallen Enchantress. The world is but a piece of cloth, on which simple empires are built. There is not danger, no survival against impossible beasts. Cities do not grow from fledgling villages into towering dominions. Magic does not rip the realm in two. Humanity is nowhere near sufficiently scared. Without challenge, victory is hollow. Without pain, defeat is meaningless. But I, I have the power to change that. I will build my own realm. I will populate it with terrible beasts and ancient demons. I will give true power to humanity and watch them destroy themselves. I will lure those that think themselves masters of magic straight into the pits of affliction. Defeat will be their turmoil. Hubris, their lure. Welcome to the Master's Affliction.

But not everything I do is to cause you pain. There would be no reason to play if I did not offer things a master needs. First and foremost I offer more strategic and tactical depth. Balance is a word for making things equal. I want to add depth to my scales of balance. I will provide links to charts and descriptions of what I have changed and why. There will likely be many more changes and content additions. For now I want to get a core depth to tactical battles. I will be primarily focusing on rebalancing monsters to provide appropriate levels of challenge throughout the game. The basic concept is that each tile must be fought for in a war against the world. This will be explained in detail in the Mod Explanations section. For now, try it out and please provide feedback.

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