Fable: The Lost Chapters

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A Full-scale Expansion Mod that tries to focus on restoring Cut Content and just generally add even more fun things to do or find through-out the entire game.

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Fable: The Lost Content is an Expansion Mod for the PC Version of the game, Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is a project where I will attempt to restore as much cut content for the game as I possibly can and to just generally add more fun things to do or find, whilst playing through Fable.

This includes things like: New Regions for you to explore. New weapons, armour, trophies and items for you to collect. The inclusion of unused dialogue and even longer cutscenes for you to watch. Along with extras objectives to complete for quests. I'm hoping to add everything I can in a way that doesn't effect the main storyline or cause any issues with the game. Hopefully, this same philosophy will run through-out every level in the game to the best of my abilities!


When you download this mod, there is a Wordpad Document that is called Manual which can be found inside of a Folder that is called Read Me.
It contains everything you need to know about this mod and how to install it!

Step 1) Install a fresh copy of the game, Fable: The Lost Chapters.
Step 2) Install the ChocolateBox program and have it fix your modding environment.
Step 3) Extract the .RAR file that you downloaded.
Step 4) Open the folder that you just extracted and look for The Mod folder.
Step 5) Copy everything inside of The Mod folder and paste them where your game is located.
Step 6) If it asks to replace everything, which it will, then say yes.
Step 7) When its done copying everything over, you can now play the mod!


Fable: The Lost Content (Playlist).

If you ever want to see any new updates about this project, then don't forget to check both the Logs and Bugs tab of this Nexus Mod Page. It might even tell you about updates which have yet to be released! Not only that, but I also make my own videos showcasing different aspects of this mod as they are being developed. If that sounds interesting to you, then I recommend checking out my YouTube playlist for the project!


1) Cut Content: This mod includes things like unused dialogue, textures, meshes, creatures, characters, buildings, maps or equipment; if it's still easily available on the game's disk, then expect it to find its way into this mod!

2) Extended Cutscenes: Almost every cutscene that Fable: The Lost Chapters uses, has either been extended or altered to give the main characters extra screen time and help to deliver a more engaging story! Bare in mind that this means that a lot of the cutscenes now contain spoilers!

3) Unused Dialogue: Experience a whole slew of cut dialogue that can still be found in the game files, but were never used in the final release of the game!

4) New Clothing: There is currently 22 new outfits, including 9 pieces of headgearfor you to find in different regions around Albion!

5) More Music: Regions which originally played no music now have their own music, along with two new songs from Fable 2 and Fable 3!

6) New Regions: Explore more than 20 new regions and maps! This ranges from unused maps that can be found in different versions of Fable, to completely new maps that I created myself which are based off cut concepts from the game!

7) Mini Quests: Spend more time on quests by completing side objectives for the Bowerstone Sheriff. Go to the Signpost in the Picnic Area during every quest to find out how you can earn extra rewards!

8) Changing World: As your character ages and progresses the main story, the world itself will change. Areas might look different after completing a quest, which can result in more regions for you to explore! If you can't enter a particular area, then try again later!

9) Demon Doors: There is now one unused Demon Door included, along with some duplicate Demon Doors that lead to even more rewards!

10) New Expressions: Find more than 50 new Expressions around Albion to help bolster your roster and add even more variety to your interaction with villagers!

11) Ingredient Farming: Creatures now drop their body parts as loot, along with certain plants and flora in the world that can now be picked up that acts as ingredients in the game! These can be used as consumables to heal yourself or be sold to the Witch in Greatwood Lake for some extra gold!

12) Resource Gathering: Use new tools such as a Hatchet or a Pickaxe to obtain resources from the environment! Try to interact with every tree or rock in the game and collect as many resources as you can to either sell to a shopkeeper or open Material Chests!

13) New Chests: There is now a wide variety of new Chests and requirements! This includes more Normal Chests, more Silver Key Chests, the inclusion of Golden Chests and even Material Chests!

14) Bank of Bowerstone: Unfortunately, Fable has a limit on the amount of items it can display in your inventory. If you surpass this limit, then the new items will be included in your inventory, but you won't be able to scroll all the way down to select it. Now there is a new shop in Bowerstone North that buys and sells your items for free to act as a Storage System!

15) HD Videos: Watch two new videos like the cut "Big Blue Box Studios" logo cinematic, along with every other video file that has now been AI upscaled!


Fable: The Lost Content - Created by Avarice.


Fable Modding Programs - Created by FableTLCMod.
Fable: Soul Reaver (Weapon) - Created by morerunes.
Fable II: Melee Weapons & Models - Created by Albion Secrets.
HD Fresco and XP Menu Videos - Created by The Fable Historian.


Translation Patch (Russian) - Created by Jooblex.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Carrie Talbot from PCGamesN for writing a very humbling article about the project!

Thanks to Jose Angel from GeneracionXbox for writing a detailed article about the project!

Thanks to Etem on Twitch for streaming himself playing through the mod!