Fable: The Lost Chapters

About this mod

Fable: The Expanded Chapters is a full-scale World/Region Mod, made using both .TNG edits and Fable Mod Packages. Most regions in the game are connected, it contains new objects/items made by me and is compatible with many weapon & armour mods found at the FableTLCMod Forums.

Permissions and credits

This mod is very outdated and broken. It was the first mod I ever made for Fable TLC. I Learned a lot from the experience and moved on. This mod is no longer supported. I recommend trying Fable: The Lost Content instead.

If you do still want to play this mod, then don't forget to download the Graphics folder, which is a seperate download on the Files page or else it won't work properly.


Fable: The Expanded Chapters is a full-scale World/Region Mod, made using both .TNG edits and Fable Mod Packages. This was done to give the game more of a Sandbox experience. You see, I originally just wanted to connect all the regions in the game, so I didn't have to see a loading screen every five minutes. However, I decided that it would be a great idea to take advantage of this and change some things around.I say some things. This literally changes the whole entire game.

The mod is somewhat lore-friendly, but quests are 100% unavailable. Instead, the aim of this mod is to explore the world, collect treasure and kill creatures. I will try my best to place things in a way that makes sense.You start off the mod in your house, however, your new house is in a place called 'Bloodstone' (a recreation of the version of Oakvale that you start off in, as a kid) and instead of just heading on to the guild, you have the freedom to start anywhere you like. This is done through the teleportation network in Bloodstone known as The Precipice of Fate.

If you visit FableTLCMod.com/forum and install some Weapon or Armour mods after installing my mod, then you will find that some shopkeepers will sell them in their special stores. This was done to make as many items / pieces of equipment compatible with my mod as possible. So go out there, kill a bunch of bandits or trolls, sell your loot and buy some weapons and armour that is truly fit for a Hero!

Here is a Trailer video I made for the project recently, to help show off some of the areas that you can find:

The project is currently in its Beta phase. A lot of concepts have been implemented, but it isn't perfect. It has a lot of flaws that I either need to clean up or just aren't fixable because of the way it was created.