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This mod changes both the stats and the appearance of the Avenger.

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This mod changes both the stats and the appearance of
the Avenger.

The new stats are:

Damage: 300 (vanilla = 180)
Augmentation slots: 4 (vanilla = 2)
Aug. 1 = Health (vanilla = Fire)
Aug. 2 = Mana (vanilla = Lightning)
Aug. 3 = Empty Slot (vanilla = no slot)
Aug. 4 = Empty Slot (vanilla = no slot)

This mod contains two things.

1. Replacement mesh that need to be installed via Fable's Unreal Editor (instructions below).
(if you want stat changes only, you skip this step)

2. game.bin & gamehard.bin -files that need to be installed for the new stats.


Because certain mods like OP Sword of Aeons from OG Fable Plus Avo's Tear 2.0 and Fable Anniversary - REDUX that also require modifications to the game.bin and gamehard.bin files, I've added optional versions of this mod, that combines their features together. You will still need to download the original mod, if it contains more than just the .bin -file(s). This mod contains .bin edits from Aeon's Armour - FIXED by default.

Installation Instructions:


1. Download and unpack the zip of your choosing to any location you can find.

2. Extract the contents of the "Fable Anniversary" -folder in the zip, into your
"...\steamapps\common\Fable Anniversary\" so that it "overwrites" its

3. Install the "Modding DLC".

4. Launch the editor.


    • Select the "Content Browser"
    • On the left pane under "Packages", search with the term "legendary_02". Right click and select Fully Load on search result.
    • Right click on the contents of the search result in the right portion of the window, and select "ReImport Static Mesh".

      Select the model with corresponding name.
    • Then save the package by right clicking on them on the left pane, and selecting save.

6. Launch Fable Anniversary by using the "Launch MODDED GAME" -option.


Add -NOSEEKFREELOADING to launch options under General.

(Right click Fable Anniversary on steam, and select Properties)