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A randomisation of non-scripted creature spawns. In case you felt like battling an Ice Troll in Greatwood.

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NOTE! This mod was made a while back before being back-burnered to focus on other projects. My technique and standards back then were different, and as such, you may run into trouble if installing this via ChocolateBox with the old def.xml file. You can find an updated file here. (Link to TLC Nexus, but the files will still work.)

I'm less familiar with the norms of Fable Anniversary modding, so do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance or clarification. And expect more soon.

Changes all CREATURE_GENERATOR lists to a list of 55 CREATURE_GENERATION_FAMILY entries. This is not a *full* randomisation, as that would result in a terrible amount of bandits. All _B, _C, etc. families are not included in this list. Additionally, all affected families have been modded to have a DifficultyLevel of 1, so that they're all accessible and ready to spawn from the start of the game. This can mean running into minions and wasps on the same map. Furthermore, all scripted CREATURE_GENERATORs have been left alone just to be safe. Graveyard CREATURE_GENERATORs are mostly left alone. This is still in "testing" phase, and will be expanded upon later.

Run ChocolateBox on a fresh install of Fable (make backups, etc., etc.) and it will automatically extract the WAD and modify your INI as needed. You can now close it, as that's all we'll need to do at the moment. Then, copy the Data folder in the mod archive onto the WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data folder in the Fable Anniversary directory. It should ask if you'd like to overwrite files. Say yes to all.

Now, apply the FMP with the mod tool of your choice (FableExplorer or ChocolateBox), save mods and run Fable. Cross your fingers. Pray to Freya.

Be fun, have safe.

Creatures families to expect
CreatureFamilies[0] "WASPS_01";
CreatureFamilies[1] "WASPS_02";
CreatureFamilies[2] "WASPS_03";
CreatureFamilies[3] "WASPS_04";
CreatureFamilies[4] "WASPS_05";
CreatureFamilies[5] "BEETLES_01";
CreatureFamilies[6] "BEETLES_02";
CreatureFamilies[7] "BASIC_BANDITS_01_A";
CreatureFamilies[8] "BASIC_BANDITS_02_A";
CreatureFamilies[9] "BASIC_BANDITS_03_A";
CreatureFamilies[10] "BASIC_BANDITS_04_A";
CreatureFamilies[11] "TWINBLADE_BANDITS_01_A";
CreatureFamilies[12] "TWINBLADE_BANDITS_02_A";
CreatureFamilies[13] "TWINBLADE_BANDITS_03_A";
CreatureFamilies[14] "TWINBLADE_BANDITS_04_A";
CreatureFamilies[15] "ASSASSIN_BANDITS_01_A";
CreatureFamilies[16] "ASSASSIN_BANDITS_02_A";
CreatureFamilies[17] "ASSASSIN_BANDITS_03_A";
CreatureFamilies[18] "ASSASSIN_BANDITS_04_A";
CreatureFamilies[19] "HOBBES_01_A";
CreatureFamilies[20] "HOBBES_02_A";
CreatureFamilies[21] "HOBBES_03_A";
CreatureFamilies[22] "HOBBES_04_A";
CreatureFamilies[23] "HOBBES_05_A";
CreatureFamilies[24] "UNDEADS_01";
CreatureFamilies[25] "UNDEADS_02";
CreatureFamilies[26] "UNDEADS_03";
CreatureFamilies[27] "UNDEADS_04";
CreatureFamilies[28] "UNDEADS_05";
CreatureFamilies[29] "BALVERINES_01";
CreatureFamilies[30] "BALVERINES_02";
CreatureFamilies[31] "BALVERINES_03";
CreatureFamilies[32] "BALVERINES_04";
CreatureFamilies[33] "WOOD_NYMPHS_01";
CreatureFamilies[34] "WOOD_NYMPHS_02";
CreatureFamilies[35] "WATER_NYMPHS_01";
CreatureFamilies[36] "WATER_NYMPHS_02";
CreatureFamilies[37] "SUCCUBUS_NYMPHS_01";
CreatureFamilies[38] "SUCCUBUS_NYMPHS_02";
CreatureFamilies[39] "EARTH_TROLLS_01";
CreatureFamilies[40] "EARTH_TROLLS_02";
CreatureFamilies[41] "ROCK_TROLLS_01";
CreatureFamilies[42] "ROCK_TROLLS_02";
CreatureFamilies[43] "ICE_TROLLS_01";
CreatureFamilies[44] "ICE_TROLLS_02";
CreatureFamilies[45] "SCREAMERS_01";
CreatureFamilies[46] "SCREAMERS_02";
CreatureFamilies[47] "MINIONS_01";
CreatureFamilies[48] "MINIONS_02";
CreatureFamilies[49] "FROSTY_BALVERINES_01";
CreatureFamilies[50] "FROSTY_BALVERINES_02";
CreatureFamilies[51] "NYMPH_QUEEN_01";
CreatureFamilies[52] "FROSTY_BALVS_AND_NYMPH_QUEEN";
CreatureFamilies[53] "ICE_HORDE_01";
CreatureFamilies[54] "ICE_HORDE_02";
CreatureFamilies[55] "ICE_HORDE_AND_BALVS_01";