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This mod gives you more control over your character's appearance.

Permissions and credits
This mod lets you disable and in some cases customize all unwanted changes to your character's appearance. The different options can be enabled or disabled at any time, so feel no pressure to choose correctly when you first install the mod. The options are listed below.

- Normally, learning and improving Skill abilities makes your character taller.
- This mod lets you disable this effect, decrease it by 50% or leave it as is.

- Normally, learning and improving Strength abilities makes your character more muscular.
- This mod lets you disable this effect, decrease it by 50% or leave it as is. 

Will Lines
- Normally, learning and improving Will abilities gives your character blue glowing skin marks as well as blue glowing hands.
- This mod lets you disable this effect or keep it.

- Normally, eating too much food can make your character fat.
- This mod lets you disable this effect or leave it as is.

- Normally, you character's face and body will become permanently covered in scars and bruises as you play.
- This mod lets you disable this effect or keep it.

- Normally, your age goes up slightly every time you level up, giving you wrinkles and white hair over time.
- This mod lets you disable this effect (which changes the maximum age from 65 to 21) or keep it. If your character is already older than this when you install this mod, he will be aged down to 21.
- Normally, your alignment (good or evil) can greatly change your character's appearance, especially if you're evil:
- Good: Blond hair, glowing white halo and glowing white bugs floating above head.
- Evil: Bald head, horns, very pale skin, red scar-like marks, charred black hands and feet, burning footprints where you walk, glowing red eyes, flies buzzing around your head.
- This mod lets you disable this effect or keep it.
* For those wishing to play blonde good characters, there are special "NoHalo" files that disable the halo and bugs but keep the blond hair.

You only need Fable Anniversary installed. You do not need the official Modding DLC for this to work.
There's also no need to start a new save, any save file works.

Keep in mind that this mod was designed for official copies of the game. If you have a pirated copy it may not work for you (especially the changes to textures and particles).


Step 1:

First, let's understand what files this mod replaces to achieve its desired effects:
The game.bin file is replaced to make changes to your character's textures and particles - scars, will lines, aging and alignment.
Meanwhile, the files hero_strong.bncfg, hero_tall.bncfg and hero_fat.bncfg are replaced to alter the shape of your character's body.

Step 2:
Next, you need to find where in your computer the game is installed.
If you bought the game on Steam, the "Fable Anniversary" folder is usually in:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Fable Anniversary\
If you didn't buy it on Steam, try right clicking on the game's shortcut and going to its properties to see where it points.

Step 3:
Now we navigate to where in the game folder those files mentioned in step 1 are found. Their locations are:

\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\CompiledDefs\Development\game.bin

\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\Bones\hero_strong.bncfg
\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\Bones\hero_tall.bncfg
\Fable Anniversary\WellingtonGame\FableData\Build\Data\Bones\hero_fat.bncfg

Step 4:
Make a backup of those files. Simply copy-paste them somewhere safe.

Step 5:
Replace the original files with the desired modified versions extracted from ControlYourAppearance.rar.
They are neatly organized in easy to understand folders but if in doubt check the Choosing a File section below.

Step 6:
Run the game and enjoy.

Choosing a File
There are 4 main folders inside ControlYourAppearance.rar:
1- Options for Aging, Scars, Will Lines and Alignment
2- Options for Muscles
3- Options for Height
4- Options for Fat

Inside each folder are different versions of the file that is modified. For example, inside "3- Options for Height" you will find two different versions of the hero_tall file: one that disables height gain entirely and one that decreases it by 50%.
You can choose one of these files to replace the original, or none if you don't want to modify how the game handles the height increase mechanic.
The same goes for other folders. Even in folder "1- Options for Aging, Scars, Will Lines and Alignment," choose only one file in there. If you want to disable ONLY will lines, for instance, choose "1- No Will Lines". If you want to disable both aging, scars and will lines, choose "1- No Aging + No Scars + No Will Lines." So on so forth.

Hard Mode?
When you play this game in Heroic difficulty, it uses a special file called gamehard.bin instead of the usual game.bin.
This means that any changes to aging, scars, alignment and will lines made through this mod are not compatible with Heroic mode. Meanwhile, changes that don't alter the game.bin file (muscles, height, fat) continue to work on Heroic mode.

If you really want to play on Heroic mode, consider checking the Modding the Game Yourself section below for instructions on how to make these changes to the gamehard.bin file yourself.

To uninstall, simply delete any modded files you extracted from ControlYourAppearance.rar and return the original files to their places.
That is to say, if you replaced the original game.bin for this mod's version, deleted the modded one and bring back the original file. This is why you made those backups earlier.

If you forgot to make the backups, there's a VanillaFiles.rar file in the download section of this mod page which has the original unaltered files. It may work, although it would be safer if you remembered to backup your original files.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that replace the same files. However, you can mix and match at will.
For example, you could use the game.bin and hero_strong.bncfg from this mod in conjunction with the hero_tall.bncfg from the True Heroic Stature mod.

Modding the Game Yourself
If this mod doesn't do exactly what you needed and you want to try modding the game yourself, check out the Credits section below for links to the tool used and some tutorials.

Important: While the Fable Explorer tool was used to make changes to the file that governs scars, will lines, aging and alignment (the game.bin file), the files that govern you character's body shape (the hero_strong.bncfghero_tall.bncfg and hero_fat.bncfg files) were altered by hand. To do this, simply open these files with the Notepad or any other similar simple text editor and change the numbers for each bone manually. I learned how to do this by trial and error so I don't know if there are tutorials out there for how to do this. You may find them if you search. 

Much of this mod is only possible thanks to xOneManLegacy's fantastic Fable modding tutorials and to the Fable Explorer tool.