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A quick-start save completing everything before the Wasp Menace quest. Basically everything you can walk to before Knothole Glade.


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A quick-start save completing everything before the Wasp Menace quest. Basically everything you can walk to before Knothole Glade.



  • "Manual - Save1"
    • Tutorial skip

  • "QuestCheckPoint"
    • The actual 100% start save


  • Betting cap bypassed
    • To make money faster without the 1000 Gold limit

  • Wall clipping
    • To access areas locked behind only by player position (such as Sword of Aeons, Twinblade's Camp, Bowerstone North, Bargate Prison, etc)

  • Speedhacks
    • Increased game speed to *4 while grinding Alignment & Renown

  • Experience reset
    • Experience was reset, as if none was ever spent (takes into account the "Stats > Personality > Experience" log too)
      • Strength, Skill, & Will Experience was added together, then divided evenly among each other so you may easier control your character class
    • Reset all leveled attributes (you may level the hero as you wish)

  • Weapons in town
    • Specifically for Bowerstone, to trigger crime via "Weapon Out" to not increase NPC fear (hitting Guards or stealing increases general NPC fear)
      • Also helpful for getting hired Mercenary NPCs to kill the Pub Game NPCs (as killing in town yourself also increases general NPC fear)

  • Scars reset
    • Yep

  • Inventory sorting
    • Sorted Weapons (melee, & ranged each have their own place in the game's memory)
    • Sorted Armors (hats, gloves, shirts, trousers, & boots each have their own place in the game's memory)
      • Opposing "Wizard" hats obtained (as you can only get one of two per playthrough, no point in not having all of them)
      • Full Bright Plate obtained early to access the Abandoned Road Demon Door
    • Sorted Styles & Books (both share the same place in the game's memory)
    • Sorted Trophies, Gifts & Key Items (all three share the same place in the game's memory)
    • Sorted Expressions (by Renown > Neutral > Evil > Good > Cock-A-Doodle-Do > Guile)


ROADMAP (general things i did as i went along):

  • 1) Made money (played card pairs until gold was maxed out at 9,999,999)

  • 2) Grinded Alignment & Experience
    • Clipped into Bowerstone North to access "Clifftop Path" to farm the infinitely spawning undead
      • For Every Choice, An Achievement
        • Grinded in Clifftop Path, used speedhacks and a turbo toggle to speed this up, saved every now and again just to make sure i didn't die
      • I Am Legendary

  • 3) Explored as much as possible
    • Accessed map areas accessible via walking, or clipping through
    • Broke barrels (in Bowerstone, without getting caught too)
    • "Robbed" houses (clipped through locked doors such as the Orchard Farm house and the Rose Cottage, but for Bowerstone & Oakvale i just lured the NPCs to another map, left them then bought their house)
    • Opened Demon Doors
    • Scoured for Silver Keys
    • Unlocked (silver) chests
    • Unearthed dig spots
    • Fished fishing holes
    • Needless to say, I've acquired all the possible weapons and clothing along the way as well.

  • 4) Achievement time (refer to the screenshot to see what achievements are unlocked)
    • But You're A Wizard, Hero
      • Bought Iron level weapons from the Bowerstone blacksmith for the first half
    • Used Experience gained from grinding Clifftop Path for the second half
    • That's A Real Lunker!
      • Fishing Competition is easy enough, as you continue fishing the fish will automatically get bigger and bigger and harder to fish, no matter where you fish; i just stopped at 50 and called it a day
      • Can't boast until orchard farm so locked is the second part of this for now
    • Fight Cluck
      • Just did a bunch of diagonal running kicks to land 50, 5 times
      • Second half requires fights locked by story progression
    • Choosing My Religion
      • Rounded up some banditos since they could fight and just rushed to the Chapel of Skorm, this is also how I got Skorm's Bow\
      • Can't do the second half as Witchwood is locked behind story progression
    • Open Saysamemiddlefinger
      • Needed to get evil enough to get the Middle Finger expression, used it on the Grey House Demon Door
      • Second half is locked behind story progression
    • Project Ego
      • Put up the Golden Fish trophy in Bowerstone then took it down for the first half
      • Then I showed off the same trophy to the Title guy infront of the Guild for the second half
    • What Are Ya Sellin'?
      • Needed level Guile to 3 to get the Steal expression
      • Sold the starter weapons to pop the first half
      • Stole from the guy in front of Bowerstone for the second, waited for Red Meat since it's really fast to steal
    • The Hero Of Time
      • Found both Moonfish and Golden Carrots during exploration, it was day when i popped them one after the other
    • Beauty Or The Beast
      • Did easy enough with a nice harcut and clothes…
      • Then a bad cut and naked
    • Marital Relations
      • Used the Wedding Ring fished from Windmill Hill and married a guild lass, then "Hey > Yes! > HA-HA!" for sexy time 10 times with the missus (need to do this for the Darkwood Bordello Demon Door later anyway)
      • I got a gift after AFKing for a bit after the 10 rounds of sex
    • The second half of this is easiest, just make your partner follow you to the pub
    • The Drinking Game
      • Gave 3 Beers to one NPC
      • Drank 10 Beers myself and waited
    • Definitely Not On Rails
      • Basically just ate a bunch of food i found along the way (unlocked the Barrow Fields Demon Door this way too)
      • Second half contains areas that are locked behind story progression
    • Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
      • Died and reloaded checkpoint to get the first half
      • Had enough cash from betting to buy all the houses after luring NPCs out of town which made it easy to get the second half
    • Ass Creed
      • Just needed to buy the gloves from Twinblade's Camp since i found all the other parts by exploring, needed to clip through to access though
    • There Is No Spoon
      • Yeah, just use Turncoat and wait
    • Combat, Evolved
      • Went to the Grey House to grind this one, the larger electically charged Undead spawn mini dudes infinitely as long as they are alive
    • Feed The Troll
      • Greatwood lake as a Troll that spawns from the Greatwood Entrance exit; just whacked the rock he throws with melee, one and done
    • The Summoner's Tail
      • Bandit > Bandit Leader > Balverine
    • The Swinging Sword
      • In Greatwood Lake, by the Greatwood Gorge entrance, the Bandits there are not only hardy, but clump up together when funneled at the bridge, got it in less than 3 minutes
    • Get It Off Your Chest
      • Yep, just opened a silver chest
    • The Ultimate Warrior
      • Basically just zoned in and out of Greatwood Cullis Gate until the Tattoo/Hair NPCs spawned
    • That's My Man!
      • Acquired the Experience from the "Clifftop Path" grind mentioned earlier

  • 5) Cleanup before finalization
    • All Gifts given to random enemy spawns
    • All found Food eaten
    • Did general Inventory cleanup (see "Inventory sorting" under "MODS USED:")


  • Birthday Gift
    • The Cheating Husband:
      • - Bribe accepted
      • + Informed the man's wife
    • The Bully
      • + Beat up the bully
    • The Tempting Barrels
      • - Smashed the barrels
      • + Returned in time to get the "good" deed
    • The Teddy Bear
      • + Rosie returned to Emily

  • Guild Training (childhood)
    • Demon Door Run
      • Yes
    • Maze's tower
      • Scythe event witnessed
    • Four Apples
      • All 7 apples found

  • Guild Training (adolescence)
    • Melee Grading
      • No damage taken
    • Ranged Grading
      • Score 180
    • Magic Grading
      • Score 11
    • Sparrows
      • All 7 birds killed
    • Will Combat Test
    • Played with Whisper (quest is bugged, entry always dissappears from log after loading a save; even started over several times to test)

  • Old Adventurer
    • Held the "Belch" expression against the bully

  • Beardy Baldy
    • Alternate path taken (Warrior Stripe, Long Beard, Sheriff Moustache)

  • Fishing Lessons
    • Done (even got the 100 gold fishing spot in the area that disappears when the quest is over)

  • Fishing Competition
    • Also done (all 3 prizes won)

  • Hidden Booty Hunt
    • Clues 5 & 6 found (the rest is locked behind story progression)

  • Bandit Toll
    • Bandits killed

  • Chapel of Skorm
    • 10 elite bandits sacrificed
    • Skorm's Bow obtained

  • Treasure of the Ghost Pirate
    • Gave widow the stash & found the final treasure (talked to the Chicken Kicking NPC last)

  • Chicken Kicking Competition
    • Won all 3 prizes

  • Fist Fighters Gang
    • Up to level 3 done (the rest are locked behind story progression)

  • Book Collection
    • 24/25 Books (last book is locked behind story progression)
    • Bright Wizard Hat obtained

  • Collect the Hero Dolls
    • Bowerstone, Oakvale, & Twinblade's Camp dolls collected (the rest are locked behind story progression)