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A mod that replaces EV Nova's ship graphics with SharkyNebula's excellent Supernova Shipyard graphics. This adds boosted ship sizes, as well as unique shields, engine glows, running lights, visually appropriate weapon exit points, and weapon glows for every ship.

Permissions and credits
Github mirror where the newest version is always found. To download a zipped file from Github, click the 'Code' button and 'Download Zip'. You can also clone it with Git.

What this mod does:

Replaces the vanilla ship spritesheets, and the target, hail and info pictures with their Supernova Shipyard equivalents. Originally uploaded to Nexus Mods by DrFiveMinusMinus who took the initiative to implement the graphics to EV Nova's scenario. Since heavily modified by SharkyNebula to better suit EV Nova's original look.

As of version 1.4.0 it also makes the following graphical changes to select weapon resources based on Nova 1.1 (last mac version's) data.

For a ship-by-ship Graphical Breakdown please visit this wiki page.

As of version 1.7.1 SN-GO now remakes all the planets and reassigns several space object's types as well as adjusting planetary spacing so that the new sprites don't overlap. For a list of all space object changes visit THIS wiki page, please.

What this mod does not do:

  • Add any of the custom ships not found in the vanilla scenarios from Supernova

This mod should be compatible with everything that doesn't change shan's, so it should work with ShipVariants, weapon fixes etc.

I recommend the WinNova ResPatcher to be used with this mod so that the larger ships have more screen real estate to occupy. If you patch your game to be widescreen, be sure to use the (included with the ResPatcher) Nova Roid fix so that asteroids don't disappear. SN-GO itself does not adjust the asteroids to ameliorate these issues.

If you desire to play in widescreen+fullscreen on Windows 7/10/11, you may experience some screen tearing in fullscreen mode. The good news is that FunkyFr3sh's cnc-ddraw now supports EV Nova: it greatly smooths these issues out when placed in the EV Nova folder. It is available from the EV Nova discord's Democratic Nova Resources forum channel. I also recommend this. You can join the EV Nova discord with this link. Once you've joined, this link will take you straight to the post:

If you enjoy this mod, please go throw an endorsement over to SharkyNebula for the wonderful graphics in Supernova Shipyard. As per the terms of that mod, the contents of this mod are available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Installation instructions:

Simply unzip the archive and place all the files directly into your Nova Plug-ins folder. Do not place a subfolder in the Nova Plug-ins folder. On Windows, the Nova Plug-ins folder is located in the EV Nova folder. On Windows, the EV Nova folder is most likely located in C:\Program Files (x86)\EV Nova. On Mac, as of EV Nova 1.1, the Nova Plug-ins folder is located under /Users/(your user folder)/Library/Application Support/EV Nova.

This file is compressed with the high compression rate .7z file format, if you're having trouble extracting it, acquire 7zip at

You do not have to have Supernova Shipyard installed to use this mod.

Please adjust your load order so that weapon fixes and re-balancing mods load after SN-GO.

"Fitted Shields" files are optional, in case you need to remove 171MB of loading.

To halve the size of fighters and gunboats, move "SN-Small Fighters and Gunships" and "SN-Small Fitted Shields" from the Optional Plug-ins folder to your Nova Plug-ins folder.

Thank you for your download and enjoying my work! You are welcome to submit feedback in the #graphics-overhaul channel of the NebulaTank discord.