Escape Velocity Nova
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A simple, inexpensive, lightweight freighter based on the original EV Courier, updated for the EV Nova universe.

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The venerable IDA Courier has handled untold quantities of light freight since before the collapse of the Gate system. Mass produced for generations from heavily standardized parts, the Courier is ideally suited to timely delivery of cargo and easy repairability. This compartmental and component-based light freighter has been a perennial favorite of independent carriers and large companies alike due to its rugged simplicity and relatively large capacity for a ship that does not require a crew to fly or maintain.

Still a common sight in the galaxy due to the ubiquity of affordable spare parts and its vast aftermarket, the IDA Courier is a solid choice for any lone trader looking to make a living among the stars.

Mod pack includes IDA Courier and Mod IDA Courier along with seven ship-specific outfits.

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