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Adds the alcoholic effects from "Alcohol Drunk Effect" by johnwayne1930 to Alcohol in "Enderal SE - Forgotten Stories" by SureAI. Removes the random teleportation at fourth level drunk stage. Patch done by Fanjo.

Permissions and credits
Alcohol Drunk Effect for Enderal SE

A mod that applies a visual drunk effect along swerving animations when consuming alcohol. Additionally, you'll also experience a debuff if you're hungover and you have 3rd person animations when drinking.

The mod is a conversion based on "Alcohol Drunk Effect", Version 3.1 by johnwayne1930. Changes have been made to make that mod compatible with Enderal.
Please consider downloading and endorsing the original mod.

Drunk stages
1. Level: You're tipsy, no effects are applied.
2. Level: Your vision starts to blur.
3. Level: It's more difficult for you to walk.
4. Level: You're about to black out.
Hungover: Life is pain and suffering, everything is too bright and noises are too loud. You experience a debuff.

Enderal Special Edition
All Enderal Alcohol now apply the relevant effects and unused Skyrim Alcohol records have been deleted (e.g. Dragon's Breath Mead).
Level 4 Drunkenness doesn't teleport you to a (semi-)random location.
Traveling in Enderal is more laborious than in Skyrim, so getting back to were you wanted to be is tedious. Secondly, I'd personally hate to end up in Agnod in the Frostcliff Mountains or in Duneville at Level 3 ...

EGO SE - Enderal Gameplay Overhaul
EGO changes some of the effects applied by alcoholic ingestibles in Enderal.
Right now, you have to decide whether you want the EGO values (-> don't download this mod) or if you're willing to disregard the EGO changes to the alcoholic drinks (-> download this mod, load Enderal SE alcoholiceffect.esp after Enderal SE - Gameplay Overhaul.esp).
For you to make a more informed decision, an example of an EGO change to alcohol would be: Riverville's Mead in Enderal damages your Stamina for a rate of 30 during 30 seconds. EGO changes these numbers to a magnitude of 25 for 90 seconds.

Other Mods
Every mod altering the same records (alcoholic beverages) will be incompatible to a certain extent. If you want to make a patch yourself, you'll have to ensure that the effects applied to drinks DE_drunk, DE_dunSleepingTreeDruggedAlch, DE_sober are carried forward.
Please request a patch if you're not comfortable with the tools yourself.

This mod is only available in English at the moment. I am considering making a German patch - seeing as the original mod and Enderal are already available/originally made in German.
If you'd like to make a translation to any other languages, I'm sure the community would be excited, so happy translating!

You do not need the original mod by johnwayne1930, however consider downloading and endorsing it.
0a. Make a hard save (not auto- or quicksave). If anything goes wrong, you can revert back to this save.
0b. Optional: To create a named save which will be easier to find again, open to console and type "save [name_of_your_save]".
0c. Exit your game.
1.Click "Manual Download" under the Files tab of this Mod page
2. Save the compressed Folder
3. Unpack the Folder (7zip, WinRAR or similar tools)
4. copy all contents of the mod folder into the "...\Enderal Special Edition\Data" directory
Mod Manager

1. Download via your Mod Manager of choice
2. Enable the plugin and check if it's at the desired position in your load order

You should never remove mods and continue with a playthrough, especially if they contain scripts. This mod does, so I strongly advise against deleting this mod.
The only save way to delete a mod is to disable and remove the mod via your mod manager or manually delete all files added by it in the Data Folder, then revert back to the save you made in step 0 of the installation or start a new playthrough.

If you like to live dangerously, make a hard save, uninstall the mod, use ReSaver from FallrimTools on the save and then continue playing. Again, I do not recommend doing this.
Any support after having done this and encountering problems will rightfully boil down to "then revert back to the save you made in step 0 of the installation or start a new playthrough". Skyrim and Enderal in extension are a fickle mistress and any subordination can have dire and painful consequences. Please don't snitch on me for even including this section in the Uninstallation!

Bugs and Troubleshooting
Taken from the Original Mod Page "Alcohol Drunk Effect"
    forward glide while the drunk-stumble animation is active appears after a jump or holster the weapon. sometimes walk doesn't work during the drunk-stumble animation.(you should be able to walk stumbling while hold or double tab the forward key, in some cases it helps to move quickly around the camera or press the jump key.)

Workaround when stuck
    If the blur effect remain on screen: In game, open up the Console (default key is ~) and type in rimodcf to remove the visual effect. (thanks to Jazzerus) If your character stuck in the stumble animation: In game, open up the Console (default key is ~) and type in showracemenu, you don't have to change anything on you character, but only to navigate through the races changes the animation and stop the stumbling.

Version 1.0.0 (publication)
  • deleted parts of the Script de_drunk to not be teleported to a (semi-)random location in Skyrim
  • message displayed when reaching level 4 drunk now reads "You are going to black out." (Before: "You are going to black.")
  • following ingestibles have been deleted: (Skyrim assets unused in Enderal):
  • Spoiler:  
  • following ingestibles now apply the effects DE_drunk, DE_dunSleepingTreeDruggedAlch, DE_sober to integrate them into the drunkenness system of the mod:
  • Spoiler:  
  • following ingestibles now carry forward the Enderal names, effects etc.:
  • Spoiler:  

    Credits go to SureAI for Enderal, the Mod Team for Enderal Special Edition and johnwayne1930 for Alcohol Drunk Effect.
    Please drink responsibly in real life, abstain from certain activities while inebriated (driving, taking certain medication etc.) and seek professional help or resources if you're struggling.