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ClefJ and IxionXVII

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Adds a proper outpost to the Wellwatch myrad tower and a purchasable player home. (eng/ger/rus)

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~Wellwatch Manor

The Goldenforst is a beautiful place, and very dangerous. Some have likened the region as a new 'kingdom of banditry'
far away from the Order's patrols and resources. However, a new manor has taken root; that of the Wellwatch Wardens.

Wellwatch Manor includes:
- A new player home with unique decor, a cooking station, alchemy table, and enchantment table.
- Seamlessly integrated into Enderal. The manor is purchasable in the bank of Ark like other player homes.
- Added wardens and walls to the Wellwatch Myrad tower to better protect this outpost (One of the wardens also sells some stuff)

Patch for EGO available in the optional files!

Changes from the original version:
Converted to SE
Fixed potential crashes
Readded missing objects (that were deleted with FS)
A lot of navmesh fixes
Translated to German and Russian

Replaced many statics in the playe home with lootable items
Redone a lot of the house to appear a little more clean/hospitable

Wellwatch Manor now needs to be purchased in the Ark Bank
Added scripts/items etc. that handle the selling of the deed

Added additional walls in the exterior
Changes to the exterior and the surrounding area
Moved the guards from inside the mansion to the outside
Changes to the added NPC's (outfit, AI packages, dialogue etc.)
Removed the bard NPC

Some small fixes/changes here and there