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This mod fixes the nerfed vanilla arrow settings in Enderal by allowing you to choose from three progressive arrow damage enhancements, and also three projectile speed and gravity settings. They are available as separate ESP files so that you have the option of choosing only the enhancements you prefer in any combination.

Permissions and credits
Enderal Arrow Tweaks
This mod was built from scratch based on the tutorial from what I consider an essential mod in both Skyrim LE, and SSE: Arrow and Bolt tweaks by Kevkas. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11941 All credit and my thanks go to him for the tutorial.
(and some of the description, and the two pics I borrowed.) Please visit and endorse him on Skyrim

The mod does not include or alter any scripts, it does not alter your save games, and can be added, removed, and the options changed at
any time. Two quest added arrows were edited for speed and gravity for the sake of consistency, but no quests were edited.

I considered including an optional file that also buffs the Fleshless Lost One’s poisoned arrows, the Draugr magic arrows, and other enemy
arrows. But decided they were already OP enough. I would be happy to add a balanced enemy arrow buff If there is demand.
It just seemed more reasonable that older, cruder arrows would be a little slower, so they remained vanilla.

Choose your damage.

1.5 X Damage (EAT_D1.5.esp)
2.0 X Damage (EAT_D2.0.esp)
2.5 X Damage (EAT_D2.5.esp)

Choose your speed.

50% faster (EAT_S50.esp)
75% faster (EAT_S75.esp)
100% faster (EAT_S100.esp)

Gravity was altered based on a fairly linear slope as compared to vanilla based on speed

                       Speed      Gravity
Vanilla           S3600        0.35
S50                S5400        0.31
S75                S6300        0.28
S100              S7200        0.25

Install and activate the .esp files in any combination and order. It is safe to install all 6 esp files, and test which speed and damage options you feel most comfortable with. The ESP files do edit the same records so the higher priority (lower) file will appear in game if more than one damage or speed is selected.

Just remove or make optional the ESP files you are not using once you find a combination you like. The files are safe to hide or delete at any time.


You will need to adjust your bow sites to account for the new gravity settings. This is accomplished with a simple edit to the Enderal.ini file located in your "Documents/ My Games/ Enderal" folder by default, or your current profile folder if using MO2. Add or edit the lines/sections as required.



 fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist increases the distance arrows fly, which allows you to hit targets from longer distances, rather than arrows
passing through them without causing any damage.

The first two lines below Combat (fMagnetism) remove the aim assist. If you miss slightly with an arrow, the game will automatically make them hit anyway. This stops that, so it basically makes you have to aim. (most noticeable at long range).

The last two lines below Combat (ArrowTiltUpAngle) Allow you to adjust the vertical position of the cross hair to suit the way you play the game and the arrow speed you’ve chosen. “0.7” should center the cross hair accurately at 50% speed increase. At 100% you will want to use a smaller
number. (0.5 or even 0.3 depending on your typical distance to target.) Remember gravity is still in effect so at farther distances you will need to

The f1 line is for first person, the f3 line is for third person. If you use any mods that change or modifies auto-aim or crosshair
behavior you may have to use different values (you'll probably have to increase third person value from 0.7 to 2.2, or even 3.2, experiment with other numbers if that doesn't work).


Unlike Skyrim, most of the arrows in Enderal are very low damage, and have slightly overlapping ranges. I believe it was the intent of
the developers to “guide” you into using magic as your primary ranged weapon instead of the bow. I was quite happy to see the arrows for the most part had a progressive damage scale.

Old iron arrows starting at 3, and Aeterna arrows topping the list at 10.
The damage modification is exactly as stated: (Vanilla) X1.5, X2.0, and X2.5

With a damage modifier of 2.5, the Aeternian arrow is now equal to a dragonbone arrow in Skyrim

As always I'd like to thank my good friend Black Album for keeping me from murdering the Queen's English too much. Enjoy the mod, Endorse if you like it