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This is "The Sanctuary" a player home.
It can be spawned by BP or auto loaded as a prefab if starting a new game. The prefab method is preferred because then there's no level requirement or resources needed. All you have to do is start a new game. Then find it and claim it by setting it from public to private in the control panel.
About the Sanctuary:
First it's very environmentally friendly in several ways.
1. The base only used 5x5 blocks square. This small footprint is needed until such time we humans can figure out how to work with the strange alien environment physics.
2. The lower base is covered in grass. This should please the Talon Guardians, who seem to be very close with the land.
Second it has all the advanced amenities a player will want. All placed in convenient locations.
It also has access from all 4 sides by shutters, placed within easy reach.
The core is in the base and utilities placed in a room directly above it. This makes it more difficult to be destroyed.
The main living area has 8 3x3 garden plots and 2 plants of each variety have been planted.
Also has 1 food prep station and 3 T2 Frigs. 1 each for raw ingredients, meds, and food.
It has a bed, nightstand, and closet area in it's own area.
Other Amenities:
Shower and toilet. (Just in case we learn how to use them)
1 O2 station and 1 large O2 tank
1 advanced Constructor.
1 med chamber.
Many other furnishing. But still lots of open floor space to add additional stuff as you wish.
And lastly it sports 4 cannons and 4 sentries. We set sentries to predator only and cannons we uncheck predators. Saves some ammo this way. This should keep you safe at home in most situations.
Install instructions:
First unzip the zip file. A folder called "The-Sanctuary" will magically appear where you unzip to.
Open that folder. Inside will be 3 folder and a copy of the instructions.
Folder 1: "Content" The folder is if you want the game to spawn this for you. The folder need to be dropped in the root directory of you game. Merge and over write when asked.
Content includes the Akua default playfield with this added to it.
Folder 2: "Images" Has additional images of base.
Folder 3: "The-Sanctuary" is the BP version. Just drop in the folder your BPs are in. This will let you spawn it through BP factory.
You can install either the content or BP version or both. Your choice.
Comments and bug reports are always welcome. But trolling is not. If you haven't downloaded it (and authors can check) then you shouldn't be posting to it. Those post will be deleted, without reply.