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With Piranha Bytes you know 100'% you´ll encounter big challenges...Going blind while trying to play the game should´nt be one of them imo!
I present you my own take on Elex graphics thanks to ReShade

Permissions and credits
Vanilla Elex looks really dark and bland with an overly strong HDR effect that makes the world difficult to look at and differenciate everything
Don´t get me wrong - it totally fits the hardcore RPG theme of the game, but lacks the "wow" factor that games like Gothic III had back in it´s time

This preset contains:
  • Contrast, brightness and saturation adjustments
  • Eye adaptation effect for the darker scenes in the game
  • Antialsing for rough edges
  • Bloom for brighter lights 
  • Faint lens effect that interacts with the sun

The .ini is also modified for:
  • Custom fog (performance and ultra)
  • Greater level of detail in further distances (ultra version)
  • Better resolution for projected shadows (ultra version) 


1.  This preset is meant to be used along  "Darker Nights and Brighter Interiors (Old Weather System)" Mod by harryagamez 
since it removes big part of the exaggerated HDR effect while keeping the shadows - https://www.nexusmods.com/elex/mods/55 

2. Install ReShade latest version (4.9.1) making sure all their effect repositories are checked for installation

3. Copy and paste the folders inside "BeautyPreset.zip" inside your ELEX folder. Click yes if asked to overwrite

4. Done!

Author notes:
If you feel like something is out of place please let me know!
There is no depth buffer available so the HUD may get brighter indoors, working on it along a more optimized performance version