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  • Updated for v1.08 Support

    This mod has been updated for Elden Ring v1.08.

    This new version also include some fixes for instances where old xbox controller icons remained, so this should look almost exactly like it does on a Playstation....

  • Updated for v1.05 support

    This mod has finally been updated for Elden Ring v1.05 and ModEngine2 support!

    This means you no longer have to manually unpack.
    Just download ModEngine2 and place the PS5 or PS4 file into the mods folder inside of the ModEngine2 directory....

  • PS5 PS4 Controller UI for ELDEN RING

    This mod patches the internal texture layout files for Elden Ring to use Dualsense or Dualshock UI for buttons prompts and gamepad (settings screen).

    Tools used:

    Unpacking game files: ER.BDT.Tool by Ekey
    Unpacking/repacking internal files: Yabber by JKAnderson
    Visual verification of game texture: Paint.net and .dds mod for Paint.net
    Editing layout files: Sublime Text because VSCode on my computer died the other day
    Special thanks to: Sekiro Resurection Modding Wiki for making the only good resource on modding modern FromSoftware games