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Summon the armies of the differents kingdoms in the Lands-Between

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Please read the pinned comment.
This mod is going to allow you to summon every armies of the differents kingdoms of the Lands-Between.
It will be the complete version of my Summon the Leyndell Army mod
Now includes Unlocked Spirit Ashes thanks to yakuzadeso

------------29 June 2022-------------
I'm going to update the mod for 1.5, and maybe I'll do a complete rework of the mod using handmade NPC in place of mobs.
That would make the mod creation easier, but the soldiers will not look as hollow but as humans, like at the beginning of the war.
That doesn't mean I will upload tons of various wtf armies, I'm probably going to stick to the game already existing factions.


For now, each army is and will be made of :
- 2 Knights
- 10 soldiers
- 20 foot soldiers

I'm working on new types of armies, wich could be different for each kingdom.
For now, new Godrick army is available, it contains :
- 2 knights on the first row
- 5 soldiers with shield and warpick on the second row
- 1 row of 4 longsword foot soldiers and one longsword foot soldier with a bugle to sound the charge
- 1 row of 5 longsword foot soldiers
- 1 row of 5 grenade thrower foot soldiers, with shortswords
- 1 row of crossbow soldiers with shields and lordsword
- 1 row of crossbow foot soldiers


They replace the corresponding spirit ashes. Instead of summoning 2 Leyndell soldiers, you will spawn the Leyndell Army.
Each army is set to spawn in two squads.

The differents army don't spawn on the same location because I'm planning to make them spawn together to make them fight.

Armies available for now :

- Leyndell Army
- Radahn Army (they seem very agressive and attack the ennemy on sight, and their AI might be bugged and I saw them attacking nothing, I'm going to try to patch this)
- Godrick Army
- Raya Lucaria Army (only one type of soldier, but two types of foot soldiers)
- Heligtree Army
- Mausoleum Army (the default mausoleum soldiers don't have the mausoleum effect, I have to investigate that)
- mimic army (20 mimics)

Installation :
Backup your regulation.bin file at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game" (most common game path)
Copy the regulation.bin file from my mod and replace the one you have at
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game"


Uninstallation :
Replace the regulation.bin in your game directory by the original one you backed up

Merge with other mods :
I provided the .csv files of my mod not including the Unlocked Spirit
Ashes (just download the BuddyStoneParam.csv from his mod page).
To merge, put the .csv files to "Yapped-Rune-Bear-1_09\res\GR\Data", go to BuddyParam, tool, import data.
Same for NpcParam and NpcThinkParam

NOTE : I'm note sure NpcThinkParam is needed, try without it first I don't remember if I edited it

Planned to do :

- upload .csv file so you can merge my mod  Done
- Radahn army Done
- Godrick army Done
- Raya Lucaria army Done
- Hagtree army Done
- Mausoleum Army Done
- mimic army Done
- try to summon every type of troops so I can do more diverse armies (for now I only spawned the first working soldiers, I'm planning to spawn some trumpet soldiers to raise the charge etc...)
- random armies of everything you want
- be able to summon two armies to see them fight