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  1. 1Yuri
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    any chance to get a pre nerf version for flame of the redmanes? would be funny to play with that poisebreak beast again :)
  2. Nexuseilin
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    Night and Flame
    Bullet > 2216,2217,2218 > life "0.25" to "1"

    extend duration (Even if max lock dist,your beam hits target
    • member
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    Did it works on 1.06?
  4. lcalbas
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    So yeah, I tried really hard to make this work, making the regulation.bin of this mod the main file and applying other mod's .csv via Yapped and I'm sad to say that the other mods don't seem to take, the worst being the one I needed the most, which was the fix to properly render (invisible) enemies.

    Hope you can get around to making the .csv someday. I'm stoked to respec back to my Dex/Int build!

    I've read up a little and figured out some stuff. But it's 1am over here where I'm at so I'll try these tomorrow.

    For those curious: 
    1. In Yapped, open the modified regulation.bin of this mod.
    2. Export the following (based on the description of this mod):

    • AtkParam_PC

    • Bullet

    • SwordArtsParam

    • SpEffectParam
    You can do this by finding those parameter group names on the left side of Yapped, click on the Tools menu and Export data. You will find the exported .csv file in Yapped's directory.
    3. Open the Elden Ring's regulation.bin (make sure to back it up first)
    4. Apply each .csv from this mod.
    5. Prosper.

    Again, I've yet to do this so do this at your own risk. I'll do the above tomorrow after getting home from work. Note that specific rows can be exported instead of the whole group. But since this is the only mod that affects those groups in my game, I opted to just apply everything.
    1. lcalbas
      • member
      • 17 posts
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      Apologies, I wasn't able to come back. I did what I said I'd do and it worked like a charm. Respecced from blood to magic and it is awesome.
    2. Pupppernut
      • member
      • 20 posts
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      How do you pull specific lines with Yapped? I've tried merging the files after exporting them but I'm not having any luck getting this to work with other mods. Specifically mods that alter the same parameters.
  5. Everlance
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    Hi great mods. i accidently delete my regularion.bin. can you please give me original regulation.bin for elden ring version 1.02??. without it i can't play the game. thank you.

    ps: sorry for my bad english
  6. rotchild
    • member
    • 179 posts
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    It's no use. I've tried only changing the sword of night and flame parameters (by comparing the modders' regulation.bin file with mine) and was able to change all the values from both "AtkParam_PC" and "Bullet" (too bad the modder only listed the rows he changed, and not the values themselves, making the work all more tedious). I couldn't change the "SwordArtsParam" parameter, as "FP consumption amended" is not a very plausible explanation, unfortunately. All that I've found is row 1019 is labeled "Night-and-Flame Stance", but which values to change (and if they make a difference) remains a puzzle.

    In the end, the weapon is still FAR from being as overpowered as it was in previous versions of the game. The mod doesn't achieve that, at all.
  7. decasor
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    Please update the mod to 1.04 and fix Bloody Slash too, the original balance was perfect, this is one of the most important mods for the game.
  8. SpiritEnvy
    • supporter
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    What exactly in the CVS is buffing the Sonaf's damage? I can't seem to pinpoint it. The sonaf probably did about triple the damage it is doing before the patch so I'm just trying to correct it a lil bit. As I really enjoyed that.
  9. efearcadian
    • member
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    uhm just in case to let people know, the regulation.bin file stops Okina NPC (Rivers of Blood) from spawning, so if u want to get that weapon u need to change it back to original then u can keep using it again
    1. zafirzohab
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      Also it makes it so all the summon signs for summonable NPC's before boss fights aren't there anymore. I don't know what it is about it, I also tried exporting just the 4 parameters mentioned in description and importing them into my regulation file, and it still makes it so the summon signs aren't there. And i'm using the latest version which this mod is for.
      Definitely some issue here.
  10. lcalbas
    • member
    • 17 posts
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    Thank you, I've been wishing for this. Thanks as well for the added parameter info. It'd be even better if you add what values to put for each parameter to revert to the originals. 

    Or best yet, if we can get the csv file so we all can use Yapped to update our already modified regulation.bin would be awesome.

    Thanks again!