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Replaces Commoner's Headband (Altered) and/or Great Horned Headband with cat ears. 2 variants - with and without fluff inside the ears, each with 2 color variants.

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Makes cat ears from following helmets:
Great Horned Headband
Commoner's Headband (Altered)

Includes 2 model variants with 2 color variants each in their respective folders:
Black with fluff - /Fluff/Black/
White with fluff - /Fluff/White/
Black without fluff - /No_Fluff/Black/
White without fluff - /No_Fluff/White/

  1. Disable EAC and set game to launch in offline (using mods online can get you banned) - Anti-cheat toggler by TechieW
  2. Download and install Mod Engine 2
  3. Download this mod's file and extract "parts" folder into Mod Engine 2's mods folder
      * Structure should look something like this: "\...\ModEngine\mod\parts\bd_f_1560.partsbnd.dcx"" and so on.

If you want to only use cat ears for specific helmets:

  hd_m_1760.partsbnd.dcx - Great Horned Headband
  hd_m_2141.partsbnd.dcx - Commoner's Headband (Altered)