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Experience various differences of particles effects between older game builds

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The purpose of this is to restore all the removed and updated particle effects from the network test and 1.0 disc build of the game to the retail version. This also technically doubles down as an "all in one" ffx bnd, but not the main purpose of this mod.

I can't note down every single little change (because 3k+ files got changed), but I did note down every single unique file in both the network test and 1.0 that no longer exists in retail right here

I might do another mod for material changes, because the death rite bird's wings are yellow in 1.0 (which is funny because they have a cyan scream in that version, they later got switched in retail)

If you never modded Elden Ring before, try Metis Mod Launcher (recommended) or manually via modengine.

Thanks to ivi for witchy bnd.
wulf2k and horkrux for DesBndBuild.