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If you are tired of finding a new weapon/sorcery or incantation and can't use it because it requires too much stats, this is for you. This allows you to use all incantations, sorceries and weapons by lowering the required strenght, dexterity, intelligence, faith and arcane to 1. It also allows all incantations/sorceries to occupy max 1 slot usage.

Permissions and credits
Only use in offline mode with EAC disabled!

How to install:
  1. Make a backup of your save (just in case something goes wrong)
  2. Make a backup of your original regulation.bin file (in your game's folder: C:\...\ELDEN RING\Game\
  3. Put the edited regulation.bin in the game's folder
  4. Disable EAC with something like this: https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/mods/90?tab=description
  5. Launch the game and test it

How to uninstall:
  1. Just delete the edited regulation.bin and replace it with the original one

The edited regulation.bin is from 1.03.2 version of the game, if you need it for future/older versions just send me the clean regulation.bin of that version.

Added csv files to merge with other mods like my other to remove weight: https://www.nexusmods.com/eldenring/mods/481

How to install using csv files:
0) Download Yapped-Rune-Bear from here: https://github.com/vawser/Yapped-Rune-Bear
1) Put the "EquipParamWeapon.csv" and "Magic.csv" files you downloaded in yapped/Projects/ExampleMod/CSV/ER

(yapped folder should be where your yapped.exe is located)

2) Make a backup of your already modded (or not) regulation.bin somewhere just in case something goes wrong
3) Open Yapped and open your already modded (or not) regulation.bin from file->Open
4) On the left column click on EquipParamWeapon
5) At the top of the program click on Field Data->Import Data and it should ask if you want to overwrite EquipParamWeapon data
6) Click yes
7) Do the same thing as in steps 4 and 5 with magic.csv (clicking on magic and not EquipParamWeapon obviously)

Old guide for Yapped 1.09 (and maybe older versions):

yapped/Projects/ExampleMod/CSV/ER was yapped/res/GR/Data

Field Data->Import Data was Tools->Import Data