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Implements NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution/DLAA & AMD FSR

Permissions and credits

Requires ELDEN RING version 1.10.1 & supported hardware.

Supported super sampling/upscaling technologies:
  • AMD FSR3 Upscaler
  • NVIDIA Image Scaling
  • Install ReShade with full addon support from reshade.me
  • Extract the attached ZIP file into the "ELDEN RING/Game/" directory
  • Make the game launch without EasyAntiCheat by putting "cmd /c start eldenring.exe & rem %command%" (without the quotes) in 'Properties/Launch options' or using other methods of bypassing EAC.
In the System/Graphics menu:
  • Set 'Resolution' to your target resolution, i.e. your monitor's resolution. If you're using borderless fullscreen mode, the target resolution has to match your display's resolution.
  • Set Anti-aliasing quality to 'High' in Advanced Settings (Required for DLSS, TAA is bypassed by the mod).
For HDR users:
Check the 'Using HDR' option on the overlay.

Optionally install the following mods to improve image quality:
Remove Chromatic Aberration (by TechieW)
Disable Sharpen Filter

The mod can be configured through ReShade's overlay (by default opens when the 'Home' key is pressed)

(Mods used in screenshots: CameraOffset, DisableSharpenFilter, RemoveChromaticAberration, RemoveVignette)

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Every bit of your support is very much appreciated!