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Tarnished and suffering from Long COVID. Life just got a lot tougher in The Lands Between.

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Long COVID Mode
is a challenge mod created to shed light on how an estimated 65 million Long COVID patients worldwide are living life on a whole new level of difficulty. Based on the experiences of the patients from the NGO, Long COVID Europe, this mod turns real Long COVID symptoms into in-game effects.


How does it affect the Tarnished?
It is a common misconception that Long COVID is just heightened fatigue. More than 200 symptoms with impacts on multiple organ systems have been identified among Long COVID patients. Long COVID Mode shines a light on few of these through your Tarnished.
Occasionally, you will suffer from one of the following symptoms:
Exertion Intolerance: Sometimes, you are made to take a break for 3-5 seconds.
Blackouts: Your vision fades, leaving you confused.
Losing Track of Time: Time passes without you noticing.
Weak Memory: You lose a random number of your runes.
Indigestion: Healing might hurt you instead of regenerating you.
Post-exertion Malaise (PEM): You feel immensely drained and get stunned for a few seconds.
Passive/always-active symptoms include the following effects:

Fatigue: All movements are 25% slower.
Exhaustion: Your stamina regeneration in combat is much slower.
Cognitive Dysfunction: Hitting targets with spells and arrows becomes much harder.
Joint Pain: Using charged attacks hurts you.
Unsatisfying Rest: Getting up from Sites of Grace takes longer.


But surely, there must be a cure?
Treatments for a few symptoms of Long COVID have been effective for subsets of populations, but there is no one-medicine-for-all yet.
So, just like patients do in the real world, the best you can do for now is rest more often and hope that you don’t experience too many symptoms together.


Installation Instructions
Extract the files into your Elden Ring/Game folder, and run using the launchmod_ERLongCovid.bat file (Thanks katalash for creating ModEngine2, allowing the easy loading of mods)

How you can help Long COVID patients?

  • Learn and talk about Long Covid: Read about what Long COVID patients are going through. Share this mod or videos of those who are playing it. Share Long COVID news and keep your friends and families updated.
  •  Donate: Even a small amount goes a long way. Your donations will help Long COVID Europe with their goals of Recognition, Research and Rehabilitation. You can donate here.

A little more about Long COVID
  • Long COVID is a debilitating illness that occurs in at least 10% of all COVID-19 cases.
  • At least 65 million individuals worldwide are estimated to have Long COVID, with cases increasing daily. 
  • A significant proportion of individuals with Long COVID are unable to return to work.
  • Many patients struggle to do basic daily activities and experience a wide range of secondary mental health issues.
  • Few people with Long COVID demonstrate full recovery.
  • A third of people with Long COVID have no identified pre-existing conditions.

This is a pro-bono piece of work for Long COVID Europe. The intention of this mod is not to trivialize the condition of patients. It is aimed at those who are unaware of these conditions and how difficult life can be with them.


If you are interested in some of our other mods, make sure to check out our YouTube Page, which includes many overhaul mods for Elden Ring!


Ivi and Xylozi for the unpacked hks
Meowmaritus for DsAnimStudio
Katalash for creating ModEngine 2
AinTunez for DarkScript