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The ebony weapons from Skyrim added into Elden Ring

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Currently this mod is just a model swap, I intend on making these standalone weapons at a later date but for now the weapons replaced are:

Dagger - Ebony Dagger
Short Sword - Ebony Sword
Claymore - Ebony Greatsword
Hand Axe - Ebony HandAxe
Crescent Moon Axe - Ebony WarAxe
Mace - Ebony Mace
Troll's Hammer - Ebony WarHammer
Heater Shield - Ebony Shield
Uchigatana - The Ebony Blade

All models and textures were taken from Skyrim Special Edition with a few minor visable edits to the textures.
If you have any problems let me know

Discord: WrathfulMantis#5283