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Want to replay Elden Ring, but feel put off by all the extra time you need to spend on each play through running around collecting Map Fragments, Flasks Upgrades, Smithing Stones, etc? Want to skip over all the glorified collectables and just enjoy the fun parts like bosses and dungeons from Level 1? Well now you can!

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Save Install Location

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing is the Default location your save files are located. If you have moved your save file manually to somewhere else, I would hope you don't need my help in finding where you put them lol.

Within this folder, you should find a folder with a long digit number for a name. Just open that bad boy up, and you should see a file or several files ending with . sl2. Those are your personal save files that I highly recommend you copy and paste somewhere else as your own 'Backup Saves' of your progess before using these saves I have provided you.

Eitherway, just drag and drop whichever save version of mine you wish to play with, and overwrite the files currently inside your long digit number folder when asked. Next time you start the game, you should save a single charcter named 'Time Saving Save' as a generic looking level 1 white dude, that you can play the game starting at Level 1 with.

You can of course replace your own save backup, to overwrite this mod and get your saves you already have back, at anytime you wish too.

For some users, Elden Ring can prove an annoyance in how saves from other steam accounts don't work as they should, as they get the "Failed to load save data" popup. Thankfully there already exists a tool that acts as a workaround for this problem, that you can here: Elden Ring Save Repair

Instructions for it can be found at the bottom of this description.

Did you know that Elden Ring actually leaves A LOT of useful and often necessary items for later in the game just lying around the world from the moment you start the game? Were you aware that you can technically start a new game, then avoid every NPC, every boss, and just run around all the stages before entering the capital, collecting most of the Flask Upgrades, spare smiting stones lying around, and various other items, all in order to then give you a much more streamlined and enjoyable play through after you've already done all the busywork of collecting such items from the start?

Well whether you knew this or not, I can bet you are VERY put off by the idea of how many hours of work, consulting the wiki for each location, and running back and forth across the whole damn map it would be. No doubt it's for that reason you don't want to do all this crap on every new play through you come back to over the various months?

I feel the same way. So I have taken it upon myself to endure the hours and hours of boring, tedious, wiki on the second monitor, grueling process, in order to provide all of us with a large variety of CLEAN, UNMODDED, new saves for you to choose from, depending on the level of busy work you would like to have already done for you and out of the way the next time you get the urge to comeback and play this game again.

That's Right! These saves are completely clean, THAT YOU CAN USE THESE ONLINE NO PROBLEM!

I hope this collection of Save Games can be helpful for any type of player, be it for those wanting to try a new play through with new build ideas, or modders wishing to have a clean save file for them to test out any bosses or other modified areas, items, etc, that they are experimenting with, etc.

I felt obligated to make these saves for the many players who could benefit from them, since I couldn't find any other save games already uploaded that had kept their game clean without any cheats or mods, who were still level 1, and who hadn't killed any bosses or done anything fun for the players before the upload. This is my way of providing a truly fair and fun Save for starting your future playthroughs with, completely guilt free as everything done within these saves, could have just as easily been done by each one of you at the start of your games. All I've done is saved you a bit of time on the tedious collecting parts of each new playthrough!

So without further ado, I present the various Save Versions I can offer you;

1 - Map Only Version
-All Maps before the Atlus Plateau have been collected.

-All accessible Sites of Grace above and below ground early game have been unlocked.
*With the exception of explorable 'dungeons' such as castles, caves, catacombs, etc. However I have unlocked all the entrance way grace sites for various mines, caves, etc, so you are able to fast travel to all of them at your leisure if you wish, rather than needing to consult a wiki to figure out where they all are in any given area.

-The Map and Sites of Grace for the Siofra River Underground have been unlocked, though no enemies have been fought, nor has any pillars been lit. By comparison, I have chosen not to unlock or explore any the later game underground areas as they do seem to require more direct exploration and boss fighting for the most part, and thus feel like a fun part of the game I would assume the players would like to do themselves, for the same reasons I haven't explored any tunnels, caves or catacombs on this save either.

-No items have been picked up whatsoever, simply allowing you to explore and collect to your liking, with the simple added utility of being able to fast travel around most of the map open to from the start.

-Due to certain quest points being slightly advanced (though nothing is missed, either item or rewards) thanks to entering certain areas of the game early while collecting map fragments, Roderika who is first found at the Stormhill Shack, has already moved on to the Roundhouse table to wait for you, and her Golden Seed she leaves behind has already been collected. You can still obtain her gesture and jellyfish spirit by simply talking to her a few times at the roundhouse table.

-Ranni's possible first encounter at the Church of Ellehn has also been skipped. This has no consequence whatsoever when you seek her out at Ranni's Rise later on, the only difference being that she doesn't mention having met you before, which considering this mod is starting you out for a new game, I felt it just made sense no to have any prior introductions with Ranni on first meeting, since when you play this game using this save, you clearly haven't spoken to her yourself yet. It in no way prevents you from just playing out her story line as intended.
Because she didn't give you the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes at the first possible meeting, both can now be found and purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold instead. Again, this is a clean save with no mods or cheats of any kind. The items being included in the Twin Maiden Husks Inventory is a intended feature that exists in the game already for the many players who miss Renna's First Meeting, just as I have intentionally done for this save.

-All other NPC's will remain where you expect them to be, as no bosses have been killed, nor has any NPC been spoken too. You still get to introduce yourself to all of them for the first time!

(NOTE: Only the bare minimum items have been collected in order to successfully progress to all the relevant Sites of Grace for the purpose of this save. The following items are:)

-x1 Golden Seed collected from the Stormhill Shack that the NPC Roderika has left behind as she already gone to the Roundhouse table for you to meet her there.

-x2 Stonekeys have been collect and then used, in order to unlock access of the Siofra River secondary exit lift that has allowed you to access and unlock the site of Grace in the Caelid Area that is impossible to access in any other way, via the Deep Siofra Well. I believed it was worth doing, so that you can access the route to the Giant Jar that allows you to fight 3 invaders if you wish, and gives you the best equipment load talisman in the game as a reward, the 'Great-Jar's Arsenal'.

x1 Lantern has been purchased from the Nomadic Merchant at Liurnia of the Lakes, not because it was needed, but because I simply feel it would be an appreciated QOL item or any and all players using this save, to simply have on hand (or belt rather) anytime to explore one of the many dark caves that are already ready for you explore via activated Sites of Grace at any time. You're welcome in advance!

2 - Medallions Version
*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

-Both the Left and Right pieces of the Medallion have Been Picked up to activate the Grand Lift leading to the Capital at Altus Plateau. As a result, I have also unlocked all the sites of Grace before the Captial City Walls in addition to the ones already unlocked for this save.

-The Academy Glintstone Key has also been picked up, though the dragon and other items nearby haven't been touched, so as to allow you to return to slay the dragon and acquire it's good if you so desire.

-Additionally, the Right Piece of the Haligtree Secret Medallion that is famously difficult to find without a wiki, has also already been picked up, leaving only the left part of be acquired by the player later after defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol in the late game area, the 'MountainTop of the Giants', before they are able to activate the 2nd lift leading to the Mountain of the Giants, in order to take them to the miss-able West Side of the Snowy Lands.

-Because I have already picked up the extremely hard to find piece of the Haligtree Secret Medallion to save you all the trouble, AND the fact that I haven't even visited the Roundhouse table yet, note that when you first choose to travel there from the option given at any regular site of grace, you will find the first time you arrive at the Roundhouse table for this save, you will be completely fine and able to interact with all NPC's for the first time, etc. But the SECOND time you return to the Roundhouse table, you will first have to fight off an invader there, the NPC named Eshina, who literally only exists in the game, not even to say anything, only to attack you like this when you find a piece of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Thankfully you don't lose anything if you are defeated by him, and you can fight him over and over until you win, but most importantly he is very easy to kill and provided you level yourself up even a little bit before heading to the Roundhouse table a second time, you should have no issue kicking his ass.

-The Site of Grace at the Entrance Room of Volcano Manor has not yet been unlocked so you are still able to speak to 'Rya' at Liurnia of the Lakes first, so that when you do get the key from Tanith, you WON'T be locked out of Blackguard Big Boggart's Questline. This will also still allow you to purchase Boiled Prawn and Boiled Crab as a result.

3 - Flasks Version

*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

*Includes everything from the Medallions Version

-All Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears that can be found lying around without defeating any enemies before entering the capital have been picked up. With the starting burial gift chosen for the Level 1 Wrench being a Golden Seed, that means when you use this version, you will find in your inventory;
x22 Golden Seeds
x10 Sacred Tears

These are for upgrading your Flasks either immediately to get a really good head start at level 1 (Which again, the game openly lets you do this, so it isn't cheating whatsoever), or just for you to keep in your chest until later if you wish to challenge yourself, and beat 'X' boss before you allow yourself to upgrades your flasks to say...+3 for example, or whatever other rule you want to make for yourself.

Regardless the idea here is whenever you decide it's time to get better or more flasks for yourself, you simply can skip all the running around and consulting the wiki, and just grab them from your inventory or chest where you stored them. Time saving is the goal here.

4 - Smithing Stones Version

*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

*Includes everything from the Medallions Version

*Includes everything from the Flasks Version

-All Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones that can be found lying around before entering the capital have been picked up, which means when you use this version, you will find in your inventory;
Smithing Stone (1) x12
Smithing Stone (2) x16
Smithing Stone (3) x12
Smithing Stone (4) x6
Smithing Stone (5) x3
Smithing Stone (6) x3
Smithing Stone (7) x2
Smithing Stone (8) x1

Somber Smithing Stone (1) x1
Somber Smithing Stone (2) x1
Somber Smithing Stone (3) x1
Somber Smithing Stone (4) x1
Somber Smithing Stone (5) x1
Somber Smithing Stone (6) x1


5 - Wonderous Physick and Crystal Tears Version

*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

*Includes everything from the Medallions Version

*Includes everything from the Flasks Version

*Includes everything from the Smithing Stones Version

-Discluding the Tears required by looting a defeated boss, all Crystal Tears for the Wonderous Physick Flask have been picked up around the place, allowing you to already combine a nice number or different effects together for some interesting buffs to fit with the playstyle/build you are going for.

6 - Ashes of War Version

*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

*Includes everything from the Medallions Version

*Includes everything from the Flasks Version

*Includes everything from the Smithing Stones Version

*Includes everything from the Wonderous Physick and Crystal Tears Version

I really went to down on all these poor (and sometimes annoying) Teardrop Scarabs that dropped the various Ashes of Wars for your Weapons now included in this save. Had to even buy a few bloody throwing knives from Nomadic Merchant Castle Morne Rampart, just to bloody well knock some of the flying ones out of the sky for your playing pleasure.

With a small exception of a few that you must defeat a creature stronger than a fleeing Teardrop Scarab for, I have managed to collect almost every Ash of War possible to acquire early game, to again, help with any build you are going for.

7 - 100,000 Starting Runes Version

*Includes everything from the Map Only Version

*Includes everything from the Medallions Version

*Includes everything from the Flasks Version

*Includes everything from the Smithing Stones Version

*Includes everything from the Wonderous Physick and Crystal Tears Version

*Includes everything from the Ashes of War Version

Every Version of these saves is completely clean, with no mods, cheats or anything of the like being used, so that these can safely be used while playing online without any issue, if you so choose. And I can gladly say the same of this version too. By using an in-game exploit, the Non-Hostile Sleeping Dragon has also been killed while using the rune-boosting effects of a 'Gold Pickled Fowl Foot' I found on the beach right behind the 'First Step Site of Grace', to acquire roughly 100,000 souls for your personal use and an easy first few levels up.

Also includes the nice benefit of saving you all from being the monsters that kill the poor old defenseless Dragon by slowing beating it to death with a bleed weapon, so you can still sleep at night. With this save, that blood will remain on my hands alone.

(Haven't included Talismans, Glovewort, and Spirit Ashes in any of these save options, cause there's next to none that can picked up without killing something or looting a chest in a dungeon area, which would be fun to obtain, and as a part of the rules for making these saves, I make sure to leave anything that could be consider fun to do during a play through, to the player themself.)

I've made sure to set all these mods to have the Default Keybindings. If you personally use different keybindings, then I fully encourage you to download these saves you wish to use, make a backup of your own saves you already have if you wish of course, and then load these new saves into your game, change the default keybindings to whichever one's you wish to use, then exit your game with the changes made, and overwrite your current save with the ones I have provided for you, so you can continue to use your personal taste of keybindings with these saves for future playthroughs to your hearts content!

Elden Ring Save Repair

1. You can use SaveCopier, guides taken from this mod page by ChrisMck67 (link


ALWAYS make a backup of your save if it's important to you.

1. Download my save and unpack it. 
2. Download Elden Ring Save Copier from here link
3. Open the save copier
4. Click on BROWSE for source file and navigate to my save that you have downloaded and unpacked in step 1 
5. Click on BROWSE for destination file and you need to locate your
current Elden Ring save  C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing
(the copy down dropdown will show your existing save and all other
slots. To retain your existing save select a different slot)
6. Select copy on the save game copier 
7. Before you start the game you need to delete the .sl2.bak file that is located in the same folder where your
save is C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing
8. Start game and  you should be able to load the save.

CORRUPT DATA ERROR: FIXED and should not happen.
My steam cloud data was deleted for the current up to date save.
If you still get this error then please use this ERSaveIDEditor
This is a steam ID editor that users have been able to fix the error with.
When you open it there will be a guide to help you use it.
I have not had to use it so I can't provide assistance with it. 

2. You also can use Save Repair Program by spaikbes (link). Instruction from mod page: 

Recovery of corrupted save file:
  • Backup your save file(it is usually found in the path C:\Users\%your_username%\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\%your_steamid%\ER0000.sl2)
  • Launch the program ERSR.exe
  • Enter your Steam ID(name of the folder that contains your save file)
  • Select your save file for repair
  • Select the required save slots (by default, this is the first character slot)
  • Press Run
  • Don’t press any buttons on your keyboard or mouse to not interrupt the script
  • After process is completed, you can close the program and start the game.

To use your save file on a different steam account:
Follow instructions on top and in the program use desired Steam ID

FINALLY, a very important Disclaimer: This is Free Use for All
I claim NO ownership over these saves nor the hours of effort I put into making them.
Any single one of you are free to take these saves, modify or add new things to them such as new versions that collect every weapon, armour set, spell, etc, if you so pleased, then uploaded them as your own 'mod' on this site.

No credit or permission is required, and hell, if you do make new saves from this, feel free to upload your own ones and let me know if you want me to include a link to your further edited save files in this description here for more players to see and have the option of choosing! I don't mind at all!