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(WORKS ON 1.08.1) It's time to hunt. 15 assassination orders for extremely powerful tarnished, each using modded weaponry such as Firebending, Martial Arts, and more. Kill them, take their weapons as your own, and carve a bloody trail through the Lands Between.

Permissions and credits
A combat challenge mod. Each target is using a powerful modded armament such as Firebending, Martial Arts, Airbending, God-Slaying Nagamaki, and more, which you can loot from their corpse after killing them. 

  • Obtain the kill orders from behind the Weeping Peninsula Isolated Merchant's shack.
  • Read each letter's description for the invasion location. 
  • After defeating all targets, travel to Farum Azula via the Four Belfries to face retribution in the infinite wave arena. 

Discord Server! 
  • Join my new discord for feedback, troubleshooting, or general discussion: https://discord.gg/g58uzuvmep
  • The discord will also contain full location and weapon info for each target. 

Prod played it!

To Install
  • Download Mod Engine 2 here: https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/releases
  • Click Assets, then download the top .zip file.
  • Extract the contents of the .zip onto your PC. 

  • Download the mod and extract the contents of the zip file into the "mod" folder in the same directory as the "modengine2_launcher.exe".
  • Click launchmod_eldenring.bat to launch the game.

  • Obtain the kill orders from behind the Weeping Peninsula Isolated Merchant's shack.


Weapon Changelog:
These weapons are all improved from when I originally released them as their own mod:
  • Martial Arts: Improved turn speed and attack speed
  • Earthbending: Improved turn speed and attack speed
  • God-Hunting Nagamaki: Added left-hand moveset, nerfed blackflame seppuku attacks
  • Earthbending: Nerfed Lavabending damage and stagger
  • Firebending: Added one-handed heavy attacks - big fireball is back! Also added proper scaling for a huge buff
  • Morgott's Holy Armaments: Improved damage and feedback for hammer attacks 

Known Issues
  • God-Hunting Nagamaki is invisible if the opponent is 20+ feet away from you
  • Some invasions display the spirit summon icon on the bottom left - the spirit summons will not appear if spawned. 

Special Thanks
  • Garden of Eyes, for figuring out basic implementation of invasions
  • Pandamygdala, for designing the Afflicted Odhran target