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Adds the Consecrated Snowfield effect everywhere. Optionally, hides player position and landmarks on in-game map.

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How well do you know the Lands Between? Test your navigational skills in this mystical winter wonderland! (or spooky horror game, if you like)

This mod freezes over the Lands Between and turns the entire game into a blizzard with terrible visibility. All weather patterns now match Consecrated Snowfield. Even indoors, everything is submerged in an impenetrable white fog. The snow/wind effect is outdoors-only.

Optionally, there's a No Map mode where the player position and all details are hidden on the in-game map, so you can't use it for navigation, only for fast travel. In this mode, opening the map always opens it to the same fixed position.

Mod playthrough video from LilAggy:


Select either "Perma-Blizzard" or "Perma-Blizzard with No Map" depending on your preference.

Use Mod Engine 2 to run the mod. blizzard and blizzard_nomap both work as standalone mod directories you can set as the path in config_eldenring.toml, as follows:

mods = [
{ enabled = true, name = "default", path = "blizzard" },

To use with item/enemy randomizer, you can "Select other mod" or "Merge other mod" in the randomizer before randomizing. See the randomizer mod page for full instructions on launching randomizer with other mods.

Compatibility notes

The different mod files are used as follows.

For the blizzard part:
- WeatherParam in regulation.bin: required
- CutsceneGparamWeatherParam, CutsceneWeatherOverrideGparamConvertParam in regulation.bin: maybe fixes some cutscenes
- event\common_func.emevd.dcx and event\m* files: required for evergaols
- map\mapstudio: required to make the effect work indoors

For the map part:
- WorldMapPieceParam, WorldMapPointParam in regulation.bin: required for hiding map details and for hiding player map position
- event\common.emevd.dcx: required for hiding player map position

See the source code which created this mod, which works with DSMapStudio SoulsFormats as of late October 2022. If you're interested in making or using Elden Ring mods, join theĀ ?ServerName? discord server.