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A compilation of all my spells updated for 1.10. Reworks and rebalances many of the spells in game to fit their class fantasy better by either adding new effects to them or simply buffing them to bring them in line. Will eventually affect every spell class in game.

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Version 1.10 of the mod has just been released for use with Elden Ring version 1.10.

The mod will not immediately be updated for Shadow of the Erdtree, I will be doing a vanilla playthrough of SotE first while I wait for DSmapStudio to update/to see how much the DLC changes the game files. 

The mod will be receiving post-SotE updates in the future, new bullets and effects means new spells.

Please be patient while awaiting an SotE compatible version of the mod. If you wish to continue playing with the mod in the meantime be sure to not update the game yet.

Huge thanks to Cleverraptor6 for keeping an archive of old default regulation.bins.

-NEW Ultimate Spell rework added: Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear now summons Placidusax's giant lightning explosion and can be thrown. Costs/stat requirements adjusted.

-Fortisaxx's Lightning Spear: Can now be thrown.

-Freezing Mist Rework: Now summons Ice Storm on uncharged and charged versions. Is getting another mini-rework next update.

-Crystal Burst Rework: Completely reworked spell, charged version sends crystal arcs that explode, uncharged creates an energy crystal that explodes.

I am Castle Whale, I have been creating some custom spells for Elden Ring for my seamless Co-op DND playthrough. What started as Quality of Life changes quickly got out of hand and became custom spells such as these. I've had quite a bit of fun with them and hope you will too! 

I'm trying to rebalance the game around the player also being able to feel powerful, but without being explicitly OP beyond the reach of what's possible in vanilla. My spell overhauls are meant to bring most spell classes more or less in line with your average bleed build. Extremely powerful, but not quite easy mode powerful. Cool Magic should look cool and also feel good to use and I don't feel From quite hit that mark with Elden Ring's magic balancing. Please be sure to let me know what you think!

Share which of the spells is your favorite so far!
StrawPoll Link to share your feedback

*Disclaimer, this pack is currently partially unfinished. It is a work in progress as I learn more about modding, and further updates will add more features, balance existing features, rework more spells, rebalance more spell schools. Everything should function without major issue in the meantime. I plan to take this into a full size game overhaul eventually.

This pack aims to make more magic feel viable and strong. Making creating builds focused on specific magic class fantasies feel rewarding is the goal of this mod. Aligns build progression by adding ultimate spells for each archetype. An ultimate spell represents the pinnacle of that class fantasy's power level, currently there is only one per main magic stat allocation Int, Faith, Int/Faith, Arcane. I have plans to add one per class archetype in the future.

Reworks and rebalances many spells that need it (Will eventually be all major spell classes)

Features ultimate spells for each main stat progression (Ultimate as in extremely high req/cost spells that are extremely powerful)

Adjusts some spell slot costs (Most spells are cheaper to slot, most 2 slot spells are now 1 slot, most 3 slot spells are now 2 slot)

All weapons/infusions are now buffable + Increased weapon buff durations from spells and weapon arts. (Seriously go check out the Godslayer Greatsword buffed with Black Flame)

An important thing to know before playing to get the most out of the spell changes: 
Many of my changes affect lock on, casting arc of spells, charge casting, and ability to be free aimed. Meteorite of Astel now homes in on targets when you lock on to enemies, Placidusax's Ruin has had it's hitbox increased and will hit almost all of the time to the point you can now free aim it. Wrath of Gold's new Gate of Babylon effect only triggers fully when you lock on to a target and functions similarly to Meteorite of Astel with its' new lock on homing ability. Giantsflame Take Thee has had it's throw arc increased greatly and can now consistently be free aimed with an arc similar to a mortar.

Elden Stars is probably the biggest offender of acting a little weird if you don't lock on. If you lock on the explosion is triggered underneath or on top of the enemy you were locked onto. If you don't lock on however, it will trigger the explosion directly on top of you (some quirk of it being the ring attack that spawns on top of the player) and also once again on top of where it landed sometimes.

Majorly reworked spells: (May not be a full list, but should be most of them) Be sure to try charge casting these ones, if they have a charge cast!

Rancor Call, Ancient Death Rancor, Giantsflame Take Thee, Rykard's Rancor, Radagon's Ring's of Light, Elden Stars, Gravity Well, Bloodboon, Bloodflame Talons, Swarm of Flies, Honed Bolt, Ranni's Dark Moon, Wrath of Gold, Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear and more.

Spell types that have been rebalanced (not necessarily reworked):

Dragon Lightning (Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear Reworked,  Fortisaxx's reworked, Lansseax's Glaive, Cold Lightning, Lightning Spear significantly buffed.)

Dragon Communion (Greyoll's Roar mini-reworked, all elemental breath attacks rebalanced.)

Black Flame (All spells flat buffed, more substantial changes eventually.)

Fell Flame (Giantsflame Take Thee Rework, Flame of the Fell God significantly buffed.)

Blood (Bloodboon, Bloodflame Talons, Swarm of Flies.)

- Death (Rancor Call, Ancient Death Rancor, Ghostflame Explosion buffed.)

Fundamentalist (Discus, Triple, and Radagon's Ring's of Light buffed, Elden Stars is now a fundamentalist incantation + massive rework.)

Faith (Wrath of Gold added new effect, more substantial changes eventually.)

Gravity (Gravity Well, Meteorite of Astel, more substantial changes eventually.)

- Volcano (Rykard's Rancor increased mobility and now produces 2 skulls, Gelmir's Fury buffed.)

- Full Moon (Ranni's Dark moon now summons a lingering ice storm on impact, Rennala's Full Moon buffed)

- Ice  (Freezing Mist rework)

Crystal  (Crystal Burst, Cannon of Haima Buff)

- most other sorceries are currently mostly unaffected, significant changes are on the way for most other spell class not yet changed.

Ultimate Spells:

Intelligence Ultimate: Gravity Well Blackhole

- Uncharged cast sends out a cloud of stars that detonate after a short time.
- Charged cast generates a black hole that deals high posture damage, looms for 3 seconds, then detonates in a massive ball of star fire.
- Much higher int requirement and FP cost

Fundamentalist(Int/Faith) Ultimate: Elden Stars Beam of Judgement

- Locked on cast summons an Elden Judgement beam upon reaching the target and detonating
- Now requires 55 int and 55 faith to use and costs more FP

Arcane Ultimate: Bloodboon Hedge of Briars

- Bloodflames erupt in a giant hedge of blood briars
- Much higher arcane requirement and FP cost
- HP cost added

Faith Ultimate: Wrath of Gold Gates of Babylon

- Locked on charged cast summons portals all around the caster that send a hail of golden bolts towards the target
- Much Higher faith requirement and FP cost

Dragon Lightning Ultimate: Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear Bolt of Placidusax

- Now can be thrown and creates a giant explosion dealing a massive amount of lightning damage, and a moderate amount of fire damage
- Now requires 60 faith, and 70 FP to cast

- Spells to try lock-on casting: Meteorite of Astel, Wrath of Gold, Elden Stars

- Spells to try free aiming: Placidusax's Ruin, Bloodboon, Giantsflame Take Thee, Fortisaxx's Lightning Spear, Ancient Dragon's Lightning Spear

- Spells to try charge casting: Wrath of Gold, Gravity Well, Giantsflame Take Thee, Rancor Call, Ancient Death Rancor, Radagon's Rings of Light

Hope you enjoy the mod and continue to check back for further progress!

Lots of new spells on the way.
- I uploaded some new images above as a preview of what to expect!
- Every image posted after Freezing Mist is To-Be-Released.

I have taken a break from Elden Ring and therefore modding Elden Ring for a while, likely until the DLC begins to approach. I apologize to those who have enjoyed my mod so far, and I grant permission to anyone that wants to update any of my work and post it for others to do so in the mean time. I have not totally abandoned this project and don't really ever intend to so long as Elden Ring continues to exist; but I will be taking breaks when I am not currently playing the game myself.

I have received a lot of fantastic feedback on both Nexus and Youtube in relation to the direction of the mod/balancing/design and will be taking much of it into account as I take my time to get the mod to a state I am more comfortable with releasing again. There are many changes to make, including to already worked on spells.

I hope you will continue to keep an eye out for future updates!

Future Changelog may include:
-More functional SFX, custom spell SFX are kinda tricky to get right.
So as a result of that some current versions of spells do not use a proper sound effect.

-Better balancing if needed. They're kinda supposed to be powerful spells though, I may just end up upping the requirements further or lowering the damage a little.

-More spells reworked/rebalanced

Inside the folder is a regulation.bin containing my custom spells and other changes, if this is the only mod you're going to use, just drop the regulation.bin into your mod folder in modengine.

-Open one of the CSV files in Notepad++. For example, Bullet.CSV
-Go to the matching parameter file in DSmapStudio. For example, Bullet
-Hit Ctrl + A on Notepad++ and copy all the contents of the Bullet.CSV
-Return to the Bullet param in Map Studio, ctrl + A to select all entries in Bullet, at the top click Edit > Import > All
-Paste the contents of the CSV into the import all window and click submit.
-Repeat for all the CSVs provided

This method should work for merging most mods using DSMapStudio.