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Zullie The Witch - TNordgaren - FiftyTifty

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All enemies will target you the moment they spawn. They will not become docile in groups. They will rush you, rather than plod from side to side. Prepare to die. Nerd.

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Elden Mod Loader
Mod Engine 2

Very simple changes, very smart changes.

Thanks to Zullie The Witch for finding the AI settings and helping with the initial CE script I ported to ER.
Thanks to TNordGaren for hand-holding me to create the C++ .dll for maximum compatibility.

The AI will not retreat back home after a short distance. They will follow the player for a long, long, long time.

The AI will not become docile in groups. Instead, they will be at 100% aggression at all times.

The AI will not wait to be activated in particular areas (e.g, the gate at Stormhill). They will be active the moment they spawn.

I recommend using this with my WIP More Spawns. What's not to like about having 3x the enemies charging at you mercilessly?

Use Erd Tools CPP to enable map usage when in combat, as you'll always be in combat with the aggression mod.


Add the .dll file to your Elden Mod Loader's mod folder. E.g: steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game\mods\FyTyAggroParamMod.dll
Add the event folder to your Mod Engine 2's mod folder. E.g: ModEngine-2.0.0-preview3-win64\mod\event\common_func.emevd.dcx


Thanks to TNordGaren, the AI edits are done through a .dll. This means that there will be no conflicts with other mods. At worst, the changes will get overwritten if another .dll mod edits the same AI entries.

The change to making NPCs spawn already active should be loaded before other mods, so if other mods make changes to the game's common scripting file, they'll win over this mod. No biggie, just a soft incompatibility.