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Adds around 3.5x more enemy spawns to Elden Ring. Currently covers the exterior environment of Limgrave, Liurnia, Siofra, Ainsel, Nokron, Mohgwyn Palace, Farum Azula, Stormhill, Stormveil Castle, Caria Manor, and Fort Haight.

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Elden Ring needs more enemies. More enemies = more killing = much better more good funner.

So I went ahead and hand-placed more spawns. It's a tedious pain in the rump, as it has to be done by hand to prevent NPCs clipping into each other.

I intend to get the outdoor environments done first, with the mines/dungeons/catacombs/graves/etc done afterwards.

To install, you will require ModEngine2.
Extract the archive, and place the map folder into your ModEngine2 mods folder.
Then launch the game.

katalash & philiquaz - For creating and maintaining DSMapStudio. Without that brilliant program, this mod would not have been possible.