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Simple mod to silence the player character's voice when they get hit.

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Are you sick and tired of hearing the same grunts/groans/screams from your character over and over?
It's time to toughen up, Tarnished! No future Elden Lord that commands respect is going to scream bloody murder every time they're attacked by some simpleton!

Using this mod is simple. I prefer Mod Engine 2 but you can use UXM if you want. Import the .csv into your regulation.bin file using Yapped, and then under character creator in game find the voice options. At the bottom under "Voice - Aged 2" is an option that is completely blank. Choose that one and your Tarnished will be silent even when falling down an elevator shaft. Works for both male and female and on a new or existing character. As usual anti-cheat must be disabled. I'm not sure if you can use this online but I wouldn't risk it. Might work with seamless co-op but I haven't tested it.