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Extra pieces for the Fingerprint Set. New gauntlets, greaves, and three different helmets. The actual "Fingerprint Set" is untouched.

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Extra pieces to go along and enhance the "Fingerprint Set." Three different helmet re-textures (hood, chain mail, and an open helmet.) I have also added re-textures to both the gauntlets and greaves of the Vagabond set to have even more variety. The
mods replace Black Knife Hood, Chain Coif, Vagabond Knight Helm, Vagabond Knight Gauntlets, and Vagabond Knight Greaves.

These mods only change the appearance of the items mentioned above. The entire actual"Fingerprint Set" is untouched.

Fingerprint Wanderer Hood:
Matched the correct color of the hood to that of the armor's poncho/scarf. Added torn pieces to better mimic the worn-out chest piece cloth. On the right side of the character's face, I added rust to match the armor's heavy impact on the right side of the chest. I added chain mail on the back side of the lower part of the hood since I was unable to find a way to make the scale metal pieces transparent. In the end, this worked well.

Fingerprint Soldier Chain Coif:
Darkened the brightness of the chain mail just enough to better match the armor set. Added more rust and enhanced its vibrancy, including the one already on the original. Made sure to put extra rust on the right side of the chest to match the heavy spot on the chest. Also added a bluish tint to the left side to try and mimic the melting side on the left shoulder.

Fingerprint Knight Helm:
Attempted to match the correct color and tint of the steel on this helmet to the armor. The helmet is now a darker grey tone with small hints of blue and purple around. Added darker tints of blue/purple to try and give it that battle-worn Fingerprint piece look. Also added some rust to the bottom neck piece, and enhanced rust vibrancy. More importantly, I made the rope on the original Vagabond helm transparent.

Fingerprint Wanderer Set:
Created my own set à la Fingerprint. Vagabond Greaves and Gauntlets were re-textured to be better used along any of the Fingerprint pieces.

All items try to complement both armor styles (the normal, and the altered version.)
These are my own personal files which I use while playing Seamless Co-op, I hope that you are all able to enjoy them as well.

Install Instructions:

1. Unpack the game using UXM
2. Back up your files
3. Drag the files you wish to install into the "parts" folder. (The files
containing "_l.partsbnd.dcx" in their name, change your allies'
4. Patch the game using UXM
Remember to disable online and turn off EAC.

I just found out that someone made a restored version of the fingerprint set, which looks super awesome. I have yet to test this, but I'll most definitely be using it on my first Shadow of the Erdtree playthrough. The helmet alone is just gorgeous. I just love how they fixed the chest piece and helmet but left the textures the same. This totally lets you know how the armor looked just moments before that heavy decision took place. To my understanding, my mod pieces should work with this new armor set.
Go check their mod out here:

Restored Fingerprint Set
by the awesome KRDCD

(This is KRDCD's work and picture)