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HARD MODE v 2.1 (as if it needed to be any harder)

Patch 1.03.2 version is 100% done!!!

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UPDATE 2.1: Added the fantastic Ranged Weapons Overhaul mod by Phemeto to the Prepare to Die - Full version. If you would like to see the changes that this adds then go to Ranged Weapons Overhaul at Elden Ring Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) I plan on tweaking this to fit the nature of this mod a little better. Changes to come soon.

UPDATE 2.0.1: Bug fix for some NPC's Sight being too wide. Also, lowered the overall NPC's sight radius (about 5% probably wont even notice tbh)

UPDATE 2.0.0: Added the Archery addition! Bows & bolts now shoot significantly faster & have double the range of vanilla. (more changes to come soon!!!) 

Adjusted all enemy HP to x1.5 (50%) more health & x1.25 (25%) more stamina & stamina regen. These changes should also affect all NG+'s.

The patch 1.03.2 update of this mod is uploaded and 100% finished.
Thanks for your patience!!!

This mod is extremely difficult but fair. I have 100's of hours into balancing the damage and AI tweaks to perfection but it is still not for the faint of heart or easy to rage quit types.
Just a heads up.

This mod project is a whole complete revamp of enemy AI and enemy stats to increase difficulty more than just health and damage.

Currently available content:

• Enemy stats such as HP, stamina, damage, defense and resistences are on par with NG+ for normal NG (HP is x1.5, Stam is x1.25, FP is vanilla) [100% Done]

• Enemy AI is enhanced quite a bit, enemies will see and hear you from much further now. They will look for you longer and harder when they hear you. When going for a backstab while undetected, enemies can hear you right behind them. (be quick about it :P) Enemies now are just overall smarter in most cases and sneaking around enemies is now essential to survive. This portion took weeks of balancing and testing to get it so that its definately challeging but not impossibly hard. It's do-able but very challenging indeed. [100% Done]

• You can now only warp to churches and cathedrals. [100% Done] (Optional)

• Added a wider FOV. (Field of View) [100% Done] (Optional)

• NG+ 1-7 have all been adjusted to accomodate the new difficulty and AI changes. So basically, the AI changes and difficulty changes will scale with all NG+'s [100% Done]

•  Archery addition: All arrows and bolts are now significantly faster and have 2x the range. Bows are finally a viable weapon choice! (WIP, and more content to come soon!)

I got sick of seeing all of these "easy mode" mods being pumped out every other day so I made this mod instead.

Some tips for this mod:

Use items! You need every advantage you can get, whether its an extra buff or putting a guard to sleep you will need to use everything at your disposal in most cases.

Use bows or throwing weapons to distract enemies by shooting a nearby wall. I cant stress this enough but I never even thought of doing that in vanilla but it helps out quite a bit in this mod, its almost essential. 

Try to pull enemies one by one if you can and are up against a large group.

Find out enemy weaknesses, it can give you a leg up in combat.

Remember, enemies can hear you from a somewhat realistic distance and any fighting, smashing boxes or loud noises can alert them, be sneaky and quiet.

Use the telescope! It's a great way to scope out an enemy camp from afar and get a game plan going. Again, I never even used it until playing with this mod.

Git gud at running and hiding because the enemies will chase you down much farther and longer than vanilla and will actively seek you out instead of giving up after 20 seconds.

Enemies can't see as far at night or in dark places, use this to your advantage.

Animals are harder to hunt, try actually using a ranged weapon on them.

I know these are all kinda common sense but this mod forces you to play completely differently than in vanilla. at least it does for me, so if you get stuck or discouraged just try to think outside the box. The game gives you the tools already to beat this mod but its up to you to use them.

Install instructions: Just unzip file (regulation.bin) into the games directory with the eldenring.exe file and overwrite. 

Make sure to make a backup of your regulation.bin file before installing.