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Kratos replace FIRE MONK SET

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Kratos replace FIRE MONK SET

better with god of war weapon set by ExternetHD

you will also need my Remove Player Skin Mod  V3.1
incase you get Model Clipping with your character preset .

Installation 1:
UXM Tutorial
1. Use UXM to unpack and patch Elden Ring if you havent done so. It wont work if you dont patch the Game.
2. Find /parts folder inside your game directory.
3. Drag and drop the mod files inside parts folder. Overwrite. (back up the original part files first if you'd like)
4.click patch on UXM.
5. Disable EAC and then run the game.

Installation 2:
1. Use Modengine2.
2. Drag and drop the all .dcx files inside mod\parts folder.
3. Run the game.
ModEngine2 Tutorial

Rename armor mod or weapon mod file to replace other set:
1.Check Elden Ring Armor and Weapon Models ID here
2.hd = helmet  bd=Armor   lg=leg  am=Gauntlets  m=male  f=female  XXXX=models ID  wp=weapon     _l=NPC item
3.for example bd_m_XXXX.partsbnd.dcx    to   bd_m_1540.partsbnd.dcx  so now it replace male Chain Armor 
wp_a_XXXX.partsbnd.dcx   to   wp_a_0550.partsbnd.dcx  to replace Uchitakana
p.s  most of my character mod using armor part ,the helmet ,leg,glove are invisible.
p.s  some set have bd_f_XXXX.partsbnd.dcx,if it didnt include in mod file
you can make a copy of bd_m_XXXX.partsbnd.dcx and rename it to bd_f_XXXX.partsbnd.dcx