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Removes the automatic camera recentering which a lot of people hate. Works best with KB&M, but I'm working on improvements for controller users. Also disables the camera reset when trying to lock-on with no target in range.

Permissions and credits

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Unlock the framerate, Remove chromatic aberration, Remove vignette, Remove black bars, Adjust the FoV, Increase animation distance, Disable rune loss, Skip the intro logos.

You will need the mod loader that I made: Elden Mod Loader. You will also need to disable the anti-cheat, as mentioned in the mod loader description.

Place the contents of "FixTheCamera.zip" inside your game folder,
for example: "G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game\".

The mod loader will launch the mod when the game starts.

Open "mods\CameraFix\config.ini" to configure these features:
  • disable_camera_auto_rotate - disables the camera auto recentering when moving. Set to 0 to disable the fix.
  • disable_camera_reset - disables the camera reset when locking-on with no target in range. Set to 0 to disable the fix.

Source code: