Elden Ring

[Required for editing]
Yapped-Rune-Bear by vawser (https://github.com/vawser/Yapped-Rune-Bear) - I reccomend latest one.

1.Open regulation.bin at yapped-rune-bear

2. Select Parameter what you want to edit.(On this image, selected ClearCountCorrectParam as Examle)

3. Edit value in field depending on the purpose.

  Damage: Physical
  Damage: Standard
  Damage: Magic
  Damage: Fire
  Damage: Lightning
  Damage: Holy

  these values are related on receiving damage from enemies.
  default value on Easy Mode is 0.5. To increase receiving damage, set higher value.

  Defence: Physical
  Defence: Magic
  Defence: Fire
  Defence: Lightning
  Defence: Holy

 these values are related on dealing damage to enemies.
 default value on Easy Mode is 0.8(-50%). To decrease dealing damage, set higher value.

 Damage: Stamina

 these values are related on decreasing stamina when guard.
 default value on Easy Mode is 0.25(+25%). To decrease stamina damage, set higher value.

 Soul Multiplier
 these values are related on soul amount when you beat enemy.
 default value on Easy Mode is 5(10x rune) . To decrease soul amount, set lower value.

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  1. deoldeok
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    I'm new to this so sorry if this is obvious but do I have to change the values in all of the NG+* sections for it to apply correctly and in order to increase damage done to enemies, I should set the defense stats lower than 0.8?
  2. yty2020
    • member
    • 23 posts
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    Yapped-Rune-Bear-2_14_1, the latest, no longer supports ER regulation file.

    it says DCX format error upon loading V1.05 regulation file. Hoping to get an update soon!!
  3. hsung
    • member
    • 111 posts
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    How can I export EquipParamProtector values in Elden Ring so I can import them back into Yapped after verifying Steam local files?  I want to avoid re-input of all the custom values.
  4. anime2anus1
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Can someone tell me if it's possible (and where should I look for it) to change invincibility frames while you roll/dodge?
    1. shanksrcfgc
      • member
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      looking into the same thing right now, nothing
  5. yourmom21210
    • member
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    Anyone know how to instantly unlock all weapons, armor, and sites of grace? Thanks in advance
    1. Gh0sT6357
      • member
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      cheat engine
  6. Purplekaycee
    • member
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    To set  a value for increase damage on enemies, I have to  set a value greater than 0.8 and to decrease damage received u have to  increase the value? 
  7. XenonBerzerk
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    i'm using yapped to make the brass shield less heavyer, but when in game the weight is the same...

    EquipParamWeapon > Brass Shield > Weight (I replace 7 with 5) > Save ...and nothing

    Tried with and without unpacking using UXM, still nothing... What i'm doing wrong? Do I need Mod Loader or Cheat Engine?
  8. snguy013
    • member
    • 89 posts
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    Is it possible to switch a heavy weapon's 2handed idle position to a light one handed position while still being able to block with your weapon? I know there's the weapon hold position, but when I block, its holding up an invisible shield. Is there a param that changes the block position animation to blocking with your weapon?
  9. daanish0250
    • member
    • 24 posts
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    any way to modify weapon/ash of war passive effects? i installed a hand of malenia restoration mod but it also change the passive effect from bleed to scarlet rot, i'd like to switch it back to bleed.
  10. Hypocricy
    • member
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    Hey! Would you please help me? I try Mass Export Data and this happens: Could not find a part of the path D:Elden Ring\Game\Yapped-Rune-Beaer-main\ProjectExampleMod\CSV\ER\ActionButtonParam.csv
    1. Neivu
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      I'm having the exact same issue, believe it or not. I don't understand it either