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Allows you to use console commands, without it disabling achievements.

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This is a mod that allows you to use console commands, without it disabling achievements. It does so by bypassing the check that requires cheats being enabled. :)


Note: Commands with [bool] are enabled and disabled with a 1 or 0. Ex. ShowDebugHud 1 turns the debug HUD on. Apologies for the lack of a table. Sadly the BBCode for it is disabled on this site, and apparently we're not allowed to edit the wiki.

  • AcceptMothersPaintings | Adds quests in your journal for the paintings your mother requested.
  • AddInspiration [number] | Adds the given number of inspiration.
  • ApproachPlayer | Causes the nearest NPC to walk toward you.
  • Barking | Unsure. Something related to conversations.
  • CamLookSmoothing [number] | Sets smoothing amount for camera.
  • ClearBoolTokens | Clears all bool tokens (event flags).
  • ClearInventory | Removes all items from your inventory.
  • CountBoolTokens | Shows count of how many registered bool tokens there are.
  • DropItem [item] | Drops one of the entered item. For items with spaces in the name, remove the spaces. Make sure to capitalize each word. Ex. DropItem LyndowianBrew for the item Lyndowian Brew.
  • EnableCheats | Enables cheats. Not necessary with my mod, and if you do enable it, you will be unable to receive any more achievements on this save.
  • EndConversation | Ends current conversation.
  • EndStorm | Ends all storms.
  • ExtremeGraphicsPreset | Sets graphics to Extreme setting. Lod bias to 8, Shadow distance to 700, Load distance mode to extreme, Occlusion culling disabled.
  • Fly [bool] | Enable and disable fly mode.
  • Fog [bool] | Enable and disable fog.
  • FollowMe | Causes nearest NPC to follow you.
  • FreezeTime [bool] | Freezes time.
  • GetBool [string] | Returns the bool state of the given token. Ex. GetBool "enable_cheats".
  • GetFlyerPlacement | Apparently returns the location of the air balloon flyer. (No idea what that is yet.).
  • GiveAllItems | Give 50 of every item.
  • GiveEverything | Gives every schematic, and 50 of every item.
  • GiveItem [string] [amount] | Gives item. For items with spaces in the name, remove the spaces. Make sure to capitalize each word. Ex. GiveItem LyndowianBrew 5 gives you 5 Lyndowian Brew.
  • GiveSchematic [string] | Gives the schematic entered. Ex. GiveSchematic ReedBoat.
  • GiveTopic [string] | Gives entered topic.
  • HangEndingPaintings | I assume it gives you paintings that you get when you complete the game or some such.
  • InitializeNpcs [npc] | Initializes an NPC. Dunno what it does exactly.
  • Interactivity [bool] | Enable/disable interactivity for all objects in the game.
  • InvokeEsEvent [string] | Invokes an event.
  • LogTopics [string] | Returns a list of which topics are available for use in conversations.
  • Motherload | Gives 1000 glowstones.
  • NoClip [bool] | Enable/disable no-clip mode (go through walls and ground. Caution: If you turn this on before Fly, you will fall endlessly through the ground (unless you pause).
  • NoTutorialPrompts [bool] | Set to 1 to disable tutorial prompts, 0 to enable prompts.
  • OcclusionCulling [bool] | Enable/disable occlusion culling.
  • QuestLog [string] | Adds an entry to the quest log. Doesn't seem useful for actually giving oneself a quest.
  • RemoveAllTopics | Removes all topics.
  • ResetSteamAchievements | Resets Steam achievements. You probably shouldn't do this.
  • SaveLock [bool] | Locks/unlocks a save. I assume it stops the save from being written.
  • SetBoolToken [string] [bool] | Enables/disables given token. Ex. SetBoolToken "enable_cheats" 0
  • SetCameraSway [number] | Sets amount of camera sway.
  • SetFoV | Sets FOV.
  • SetLanguage [string] | Sets game language.
  • SetLoadDistanceMode [number] | Sets load distance mode.
  • SetLodBias [number] | Set LoD bias.
  • SetSchedule [string] [string] | Sets schedule for given NPC.
  • SetShadowDistance [number] | Sets shadow distance.
  • SetTime [number] | Sets time.
  • SetTimeScale [ number] | Sets time scale.
  • SetWalkSpeed [number] | Sets walk speed.
  • ShowBoolValue [string] | Exactly the same as GetBool.
  • ShowDebugHud [bool] | Enable/disable debug HUD. HUD shows time of day, FPS, and a few other things.
  • ShowHud [bool] | Enable/disable HUD.
  • SkipIntro [bool] | Skip intro.
  • SmoothFly [bool] | Enable/disable smooth fly mode.
  • SmoothFlySpeed [number] | Sets speed for smooth fly mode.
  • SmoothWalk [bool] | Enable/disable smooth walk mode. Note: Not recommended, the camera is buggy.
  • StartStorm [string] | Starts given storm.
  • StopMusic | Stops music.
  • TimeOfDayNudge [bool] | Enables "time of day nudge mode". Press [ or ] after entering this command to change the time of day.
  • TurnAround | Causes nearest NPC to face you.
  • UnlockDoor | Unlocks nearest door.
  • WarpToGameObject [string] | Warps to entered object. Don't use quotation marks. Use spaces. Works with Lyndow City, Nava (though under the ground), don't know what other options there are.
  • WarpToLyndow | Warps to the courtyard in Lyndow.

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