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A collection of minimods for the 4 classes

Permissions and credits
This is a small collection of minimods that were made for various projects and fan requests.
They can be mixed and matched together, or into larger mods like Endless Eclipse.
Modloader is already included.

Class Addons

Air Raider Solo Proteus Addon
The Proteus mech can now be operated by a single Air Raider, moving and shooting its guns both.

Air Raider Demonica Armor Addon
Caliban vehicles are replaced by support items that improve mobility and power, while Suppress Guns are upgraded to make full use of it. Allows for a mobile, offensive playstyle at the cost of one's ability to summon vehicles (full stats in the video below).

Air Raider Redone Addon
A set of new weapons, all creative and visually impressive. (By Redone)
"Level 1 Scount Bomber" is replaced by "Heavy Bomber Vesta ML" (a homing airstrike)
"Level 72 ZEX Launcher"  is replaced by "MEX Launcher" (a homing turret)
"Level 76 Spritefall Destroy"  is replaced by "Spritefall α" (a homing spritefall)
"Level 82 150mm Cannon D"  is replaced by "AHX High-Speed Missile Group" (an airstrike of cruise missiles)

Fencer No Beacon Addon
The few Fencer missile launchers that normally require beacons to be used, now can be used even without.

Fencer Arm Hound Addon
The Fencer's Arm Hound is no longer homing, but laser guided (missiles follow your crosshair).

Heavy Fencer
This subclass of Fencer has 6 weapon slots and no support slots. Focusing everything on offense, at the price of mobility.

Heavy Raider
This subclass of Air Raider has 4 weapon slots and no support slots. Focusing all on offense, without any vehicles.

Heavy Ranger
This subclass of Ranger has 3 weapon slots and no support slots. Focusing all on offense, without any armor or vehicles.

Ranger with Guide Beacons Addon
Gives Ranger the laser guide beacons necessary to fire some of the Fencer's missiles.

Ranger Missile Launchers Addon
The Ranger's missile launchers are no longer homing, but laser guided (like the Leopard Guided Rocket Launcher).

Ranger Solo Brute Addon
The Brute helicopter can now be operated by a single Ranger, flying and shooting its gun both.
All Ranger helicopters gain improved handling, speed and visibility.

Ranger Redone Addon
Features two reimagined weapons. (By Redone)
"Level 0 Proto Reverser" is replaced by "Aerial Reverser X" (a long lasting healing cloud)
"ME4R Emerald S"  is replaced by "Lucifer S" (fractal splitting homing missiles)

Wing Diver Mag Blasters Addon
The Wing Diver's mid range weapons no longer drop in power as their clip empties. But their clip is nerfed by 75%.

Wing Diver Pulse Weapons Addon
This removes the need to "precharge" the Wing Diver's pulse weapons, before using them. But their clip is nerfed by 50%.

Wing Diver with Support Weapons Addon
Gives Wing Diver the laser guide beacons, healing vendors, power and guard posts, bunkers and decoys of the Air Raider.


Body Pillow Addon
All of the Fencer melee weapons now use the body pillow model.
Two versions of the body pillow are available: Vanilla and Dragon Maid.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Nyx
All of the Nyx mechs now use the pink Phantasia skin.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Tank
A reskin of the default tank, inspired by the one from EDF 4.1.

Cinematic Camera Addon
This dynamic camera makes for cool vids but can be unwieldy in the heat of action.
Also includes an alternate setup for Wing Diver and Fencer, with the camera pulled further back.

Civilian in All Missions Addon
Changes the missions to always feature the player's civilian outfit and audio cues.
While the civilian outfit can be picked on the equipment screen at any time, the audio cues would remain unaffected.

Disable UI Addon
Removes the in-game HUD. The speech wheel and pause menu can still be summoned. (By Redone)

Half Armor Addon
Halves your total armor and the armor gained from pickups. Made for a high-end player with 500k armor.
The effect is only temporary, you will get 100% of your armor back when you uninstall the addon.

No Wasps Patch
This replaces the common wasp enemies with ufos, and wasp queens with ant queens.

Red Blood Patch
It customizes the few enemies whose blood color can be changed: Greys, Frogs, Tadpoles. Giant insects are unchanged.

The Industrial Revolution and its Consequences mod
Another version of Lootmaster which completely destroys all cities in the game. There are no structures left standing.

Mod Combos

Lootmaster + Armor Gain 2X + Extra Weapon Slots
This version of Lootmaster rewards extra armor from pickups and adds extra equipment slots to all classes.
However, it requires you to start a new game and will NOT work with old savegames.

Lootmaster + Barga
This version of Lootmaster spawns a drivable Barga at the beginning of every mission (unless it's underground).
Can be mixed with the Walking Fortress Balam mod, to get a drivable Balam at the start of each mission.