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Solo & Coop campaign (111 new missions)

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The final chapter of Endless Eclipse is now available!
The grand finale is non-linear and features 10 endings, multiple bosses and even more achievements to unlock.
Thanks to Lootmaster, players can now collect all crates still on the ground at the end of any offline and online mission!

Endless Eclipse is a new campaign for Earth Defense Force 5, featuring 111 missions for solo and cooperative play.
Survive the onslaught of enemies and complete a variety of mission objectives to escalate the battle ever further.
Fight alongside the EDF and command the giant insects, colonist and cosmonaut allies

Both offline and online players get to collect all crates left on the ground on mission clear, as well as keeping their loot on defeat.
  • If you're playing Offline, complete the mission and all the crates will be collected automatically.
  • If you're playing Online, complete the mission and board the extraction chopper to collect all crates.

Endless Eclipse does not require creating a new savegame.
It works with old saves, and requires only the base game.

Missions range across 20 environments:

  • Base: a command post in the mountains.
  • Beach: a short route by the sea.
  • Business: a bustling hub of commerce.
  • Capital: a capital city in Europe
  • City: a large metropolis with windy avenues.
  • Country: a rural town with a power plant.
  • Desert: a military outpost in the desert.
  • District: a precinct with government buildings.
  • Fields: a road across the paddy fields.
  • Mountains: a rocky region of woodland.
  • Nightfall: an oil refinery after dark.
  • Plains: a wide expanse in the countryside.
  • Refinery: an oil refinery at noon.
  • Ruins: a desolate landscape.
  • Town: a small company town on a hill.
  • Tracks: a sprawling network of railways.
  • Valley: a narrow vale in the mountains.
  • Wilds: a vast region in the wilderness.
  • Yards: a construction yard in the city.
  • New!  Eclipse Core: the halls of creation.

The campaign feature 6 chapters, each with unique mechanics:

  • Chapter 1: Invasion
On a routine mission to dispatch a hive of giant insects, the EDF is dragged into the war of succession between the Primarchs of the empire.
The first chapter focuses on battles between the EDF and swarms of giant insects, sporting upwards of 3000 enemies per mission.
Positioning is important, as the front line shifts and you get to rely on the friendly npcs for cover and support.
As with all chapters, kaijus and bomber ships (the 'Dreadnoughts') provide another layer of danger in between enemy waves.
The mission objective is to defeat the Primarch of Justice, first of those trying to succeed as leader of the Primers.
While the special objective is to destroy all pylons, to challenge him and fight his Tribunal!

  • Chapter 2: Alliance
Having rescued a fleeing shuttle from the Primers, the EDF meets an exiled Primarch who pledges his loyalty to Earth in exchange for protection.
The second chapter gives you command over the Cosmonauts: peerless elite warriors against the waves of cannon fodder.
Here the main objective is to destroy all pylons and the kaijus that spawn from them, finding the right pace without getting overrun.
The special objective is to refuse Cosmonaut reinforcements: leaving you with only a small team, until the explosive finale when the legion returns.
To match their might, the final boss is not only the Primarch of War, but also his Walking Fortress.

  • Chapter 3: Maelstrom
The Primarch of Life gives hope and renewed strength to the EDF, but also advances his own shady agenda against the rival Primarch of Wisdom.
These missions allows you to summon swarms of giant insects, whose limited supply you are tasked to manage.
Your goal is to overwhelm the tag-team of Cosmonauts and Colonists, before in turn they organize into an invincible posse!
They might have the strongest units in the game... but you've got the numbers.
The mission objective is to defeat the High Primarch of Fury, who is better described as a living nuclear explosion.
While the secondary objective is to destroy first all the Dreadnoughts, and then the Mothership.

  • Chapter 4: Extinction
The power held by the Primarch of Life over the high command has become an issue, as his feud oversteps in the Earth's best interests.
This chapter focuses on the Colonists, whose unique ability is to evolve through battle, from simple tadpoles to immortal frog gods.
Your target is also their main foe: hacked EDF mechs which patrol the area, carrying anything from peashooters to nukes.
It's the least linear mission type, and understanding how to focus the siege on each machine stronghold is paramount.
The mission objective is to defeat the Twin Primarchs of Fate, and their looming Mothership that's about to activate at any minute.
While the special objective is to fight well enough, that your Colonists evolve all the way from tadpoles, to kaijus and gods.

  • Chapter 5: Deception
The EDF intercepts the forces of the Primarch of Wisdom and discovers an ancient Relic telling the real story behind the Primarch of Life.
These missions have you command the EDF again, but on a grander scale and against the full spectrum of all Primers forces.
Differently from the first 3 chapters, enemy waves are not time based and appear just as fast, as you finish them.
The main mission objective is to eliminate the Council of the Primarchs, in a continued and deadly final encounter.
While the special objective is to complete the mission on Inferno difficulty: to spare the life of your enemy, the Primarch of Wisdom. Leading to Chapter 6!

  • Chapter 6: Eclipse
After revealing the truth about the Primarch of Life, Storm Team is disbanded and captured. Only Storm-1 can save them now.
The final chapter is non-linear: you start out alone, and are given full freedom to rescue any number of allies before heading to the final boss. 10 different endings may be unlocked according to your progress: you may beat the mission quickly by saving none, and get a bittersweet ending; or you may get a galaxy-spanning celebration by going the distance and saving absolutely everyone.
Each rescue will empower the enemies in a different way, like in a skill tree: your choice will grow different enemy types in strength and numbers, turning the rescue operation into a large scale battle. Similarly, rescued allies get stronger the more you invest in their faction (EDF, Cosmonauts, Colonists, Insects).
The ultimate mission objective is to defeat the Primarch of Life, whose encounter comes in 6 different variants, linked to the endings.

  • Finale: Eclipse Core
In one of the endings, Storm-1 chases after the Primarch of Life as he retreats into the world of the Eclipse. Inside lies the god machine controlling him.
The whole final mission is a boss fight, in a completely new map beyond time and space.
It's a man versus god battle, and the fight scales accordingly as you progress through each phase.

All missions were finetuned to be viable in solo:
  • Difficulty scales down to meet the needs of solo players.
  • Air Raiders start the mission with a full vehicle bar.
  • Maps feature pre-placed vehicles usable by any class.
  • Rangers and Air Raiders had their multi-pilot vehicles redesigned for solo (Proteus and Brute).
Even if you were to play with completely new characters on Easy, you would still progress fast enough to not get stuck!

To install Endless Eclipse, download and extract its archive in the EDF5 folder.
Located in: Steam\SteamApps\Common\EarthDefenceForce5