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A zombie and human ragdoll overhaul, bringing back the visceral feel of Dying Light 1 and going even further beyond.

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This mod is in alpha. It may always be in alpha. Back up your saves!

Anyone who has killed more than 5 zombies with a baseball bat knows Techland dropped the ball on zombie physics this time around. As a fan of ragdolls and a general weirdo I decided to spend my initial time with Dying Light 2 crafting a better set of ragdoll behaviors so I can get through the game without cringing into a raisin. These new behaviors are not nearly as repetitious and change in subtle ways each time. The goal of this initial release is to provide a non-intrusive foundation upon which more complicated behaviors can be made in the future. That's not to say I didn't have my fun with a couple of them :D

I'm sure you're curious to know exactly what's been done, but knowing each and every behavior I've added will negatively affect your experience, so I won't go into details. If you can't help yourself or want to contribute the source is available here.

Plop data3.pak into your <SteamLibrary>\Dying Light 2\ph\source
If you already have some mods, just increment the number of the pack until it's the greatest (data4.pak, data5.pak, ...), though I haven't tested going over 9.